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Best Bluetooth Earbuds for 2013 Review

Wireless earbuds with Bluetooth capabilities allow users to truly be tangle free and fully mobile while listening to music or other audio, the best Bluetooth headphones for 2013 all offer great sound quality and many other interesting features. These headsets with earbuds fit snugly and stay in place even when the wearer engages in activities such as jogging or dancing. There will be no more bunches of dangling wires, no more figuring out which wire plugs into which slot and best of all these headphones can co-ordinate with multiple Bluetooth capable platforms so that laptops, iPods and other devices can all be used with the same set of earbud headphones.

LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset

This set can be used to listen to music and has the ability to handle phone calls as well. The earbuds attach to a neck strap for ease and comfort and there are controls on the neck strap that allow one to switch from phone to music or back again. One can be listening to music from the PC and then take a call from his or her Android based phone and seamlessly switch back to the music when the call is over. This headset can even read your incoming texts to you if you download the proper apps. Never miss a call or a song again with this great set of earbuds. Sound quality is excellent and users love the convenience of these earbuds.

Jaybird Freedom Stereo Bluetooth Earbuds

These earbuds are made for both music and phone calls and have a built in microphone. Music controls are built into the headset as are telephone controls. These earbuds fit well and do not shake off, the snug fit ensures that background noise is minimal and one can fully experience music and hear all phone calls. These have a lifetime warranty against damage from perspiration which is great for users that jog, hike, and wear these in the warm summer months or workout at the gym. These have a six hour battery which is great for long trips or hikes. They charge in only two hours and the USB wire needed for charging is included when these are purchased.

Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

These earbud headphones will work with mobile phones and Bluetooth capable MP3 players for great quality music and rich, vibrant audio. This design is sweat-proof for those that exercise or are outdoors in the heat regularly. With 8 hours of music play time before the battery needs to be recharged, these are perfect for longer trips and all day adventures. These awesome earbuds come complete with a wall charger for quick and easy charging. Buttons on the headset allow users to change the volume, skip a song, answer calls and much more. When a call comes in music is paused and simply resumed when the call is over or has been rejected.

The very best way to find the best Bluetooth earbuds for 2013 is to shop online and compare various headsets and determine which ones will best suit your personal taste.

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