Best Bluetooth Headset for the Money

If you make cellular phone calls wirelessly, or if you prefer wireless headphones to listen to your music, then you should definitely consider investing in a Bluetooth headset.

Not only are these convenient, but the hands free operation will save you having to pull over and sit by the side of the road to receive cell phone calls while driving. For business people on the road much of the time, the last thing you need is an accident or ticket or fine for driving while holding a mobile phone.

Plantronics M50 - Bluetooth Headset

There are multiple options available to you on Amazon, and most are very reasonably-priced. If you are looking for affordability, fast connectivity, and even the ability to serve multiple functions, then any one of the following options would be the best Bluetooth headset for the money 2012-13.

Plantronics M50 Bluetooth Headset

For only $30, this headset can be yours. It is extremely small, so you can just place it over your ear and begin using it right away. There is no annoying software to install, either. All you have to do is set up the Bluetooth feature on your Bluetooth-enabled devices. Whether you want to listen to music or make phone calls, you can be sure this headset will work perfectly to meet all your needs.

You can easily stream music or calls directly from your smartphone, and it is also resistant to background noise and wind, so even if you are in a very loud or windy environment, the sound will still come through clearly without any breaks, clicks, or distortions, see the reviews here.

One of the best features about this particular headset is that it has up to 11 hours of battery life, so you can use it for most of the day before you have to recharge it. You can also pair 2 cell phones to the Bluetooth signal, and then you can take a phone call from either one of those phones, even alternating between the two if you have to.

Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone - Supports Wireless Music Streaming and Hands-Free callingKinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

These Bluetooth headphones come in at approximately $30 as well, so they won’t break the bank, but you can still receive superior sound quality. They are wireless headphones that were primarily designed for music-playing purposes, but they will also work with your Bluetooth enabled smartphone. In fact, these headphones will work with basically any device that has Bluetooth—whether that be the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, various Android phones, and many other devices.

The controls on this headset are extremely easy to use, and they make life more convenient when you don’t have a lot of time to hassle with trying to find the right button. The right speaker has a call button so that you can make and accept calls through the Bluetooth headphone. If you tap on either side of this same button, you can change the music track or even adjust the volume as needed, see more features here.

Samsung HM1100 Bluetooth Wireless HeadsetSamsung HM1100 Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Perhaps the most affordable of all the Bluetooth headsets thus far is the Samsung HM1100, coming in at approximately $14. It’s small, durable, and looks highly-professional, so it doesn’t matter when or where you wear the headset. It is also completely compatible with the iPad, iPod touch, various Android devices, and more.

A microUSB adapter comes with the Samsung HM1100, so you can simply plug it in to the headset and then charge it whenever the battery begins to run out. There is also automatic volume control and a noise reduction feature inside this headset, so you will always be able to hear your calls or music, no matter what sort of an environment you are in. You get approximately 7 hours of talk time, and up to 270 hours of standby time between charges, more features shown here.

Ready to buy a compact bluetooth headset now?

So which is the best Bluetooth headset for the money in 2012-13? Any of these three would be an excellent choice if you are searching for an inexpensive device that will still meet all of your needs and provide you with a multitude of benefits.

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