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Best Brain foods for Kids – Boost Brain Power and Keep Sharp

A child’s brain is developing rapidly and if you want them to improve their performance in school and their moods, you want to make sure that their diet includes the right mix of nutrients to foster healthy brain growth. As with the adult brain, a child’s brain is shaped by the food he/she eats. If your child eats the best brain foods for kids starting early, they’d get used to making healthy food choices as adults.

Here, we did our homework and discovered some of the best foods for a kid’s brain, according to research from Harvard. From apples, eggs, fish, berries, to oats, your child can experience the right kind of brain growth and development. If you’re looking for something a little more specific, you might consider reading more about good brain foods for studying.

Best Foods for Kid’s Brain to Boost Brain Power

Fatty Fish like Salmon is Great for Kid Brains

Fatty fish are excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids which help the brain to function at top shape. When pregnant women eat a lot of salmon during their pregnancy, they help their baby’s brain grow optimally.

Not only do fatty fish aid the brain, but they also stabilize mood and increase eye development.

So, consider preparing a salmon salad for dinner or serving salmon with whole wheat bread for breakfast. These healthy fats will keep your child performing at their peak both in school and at play. Omega-3 includes foods that improve memory and concentration.

Oats are a great source of fiber and brain nutrients

Oats and oatmeal, when taken for breakfast, serve as the ideal fuel for the brain.

They are some of the best brain foods containing zinc, vitamin B complex, and vitamin E. Additionally, oats are filled with fiber which keeps your child satisfied all morning.

If your child doesn’t enjoy oats alone, you might want to add some bananas, almonds or trail mix. Feel free to prepare it with peanut butter, honey, and apples.

Berries help improve

Berries comprise vitamin C which is one of the most needed antioxidants for improved mental power. From blackberries, blueberries (learn more about blueberries), strawberries, to cherry, you can make healthy snacks to improve your kid’s brain.

Also, you can prepare smoothies with yogurt, coconut, and berries. Remember that the deeper the color of the berry, the more nutritious it is. There’s no doubt that berries are some of the best brain foods for kids and adults.

Some Beans are rich in Omega-3

Kidney and pinto beans are two varieties of beans which contain the maximum content of omega-3 fatty acids.

Beans are generally great for providing energy for mental tasks. The fiber content equally keeps your child satisfied for a long time and mentally charged to do well at school.

Little children love mashed beans mixed with applesauce. So try this out. Besides, you can make some salad with beans to get your kid’s brain functioning at the peak.

Eggs and Choline

Choline, found in egg yolks, is a popular option for brain development in both kids and adults. Toast with scrambled eggs will make a perfect breakfast for your child.

Other sources of choline include meat and other dairy products.

What you’ve read above includes a list of the best brain foods for kids.

To help your child achieve optimal brain development, feed them with eggs, beans, fatty fish with omega-3 fatty acids, oats, and berries. Cook them in ways that your kids will love them, and learn new recipes if they would help.

What foods do you include in your child’s diet to improve their mental capacities? Feel free to share them!

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