Best Bras for Full Figures

When shopping for the best bras for full figures there are a few things you need to look for that will ensure proper support. Full figured women need more support, especially when they are very large busted. One of the most important features needed in a full support bra are adjustable wide shoulder straps with cushioning, so that straps don’t dig into the shoulders. This type of bra strap also eliminates shoulder strain and evenly distributes weight.

The next consideration is the back; the best bras for full figures must have excellent back support. The best back support bras hook in front and have either a criss cross back or an extra wide back band right where most of the support for the bust is needed. For those who already have back problems from years of wearing bras that don’t provide proper support it might be time to invest in a few back support longline bras. Longline support bras are one of the best bras for full figures that you can buy. They also improve posture and smooth out bulges to give you a slimmer look. Longline support bras may cost more, but they’re worth it.

Full figure underwire bras are what many full figured women tend to lean toward, however, there is a more comfortable option and that is an extra thick inner bust band, which also provides excellent lift and support. While underwires bras are more comfortable now than they ever have been, they can still feel like they’re digging or poking the skin from time to time. The Magic Lift Full Figure Support Bra by Glamorise provides this comfy feature and is priced under $40.

Lastly, consider fabric. As far as feel goes a cotton blend is the most comfortable and depending on blend percentage will provide long lasting support and shaping needed for full figures. A 50/50 blend would be best if you want a longer lasting bra. We all love how cotton feels, but if there isn’t a blend of other fabrics it will lose shape and support quickly. The goal is to find the perfect combination of comfort and full support, as this is what the best bras for full figures should provide and when you finally find your perfect combination I can only advise you to stock up on them.