Best Bridal Shower Games

Great Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Showers are a right of passage in many cultures, they bring together generations and difference facets of The Bride’s life. Old or young, formal or informal these three fun bridal shower games will get everyone laughing and make sure every guest has fun!

Toilet Paper Bride

What do a sash, flowers, dress, veil and hairpieces have in common? They are vital parts of every bride’s wardrobe AND can all be skillfully crafted out of toilet paper. Toilet paper bride is a fun game for all ages. The supplies are cheap and the creations are endless, a handful of rolls of paper towel and paper towel are the requisite materials.

If the shower is only a few people, the Bride will be everyone’s focus. Assign each pair or person a feature of her wedding day wardrobe and accessories. Dress The Bride to the nines and have her strut her stuff for all to see. At large showers, this game is best played by having each table (or group of 4 or 5) each select their own bride. In whatever quirky, creative way they chose each table will dress their own bride—additionally, they will help create an accessory or portion of The Bride’s wardrobe. The Bride, (the one who is actually getting married soon), will rotate through each table or group and be dressed or accessorized. This also allows her to chat with each of her guests. When The Bride and the table brides are all beautifully gowned, they will put on their best runway walks and The Bride will pick her favorite. For more silliness, have a representative of each table describe the details of their table bride’s outfit. Don’t forget to admire The Bride, too, and have her pose for a picture with all of the table brides.

Bride, Groom, Wedding

“Bride, Groom, Wedding” relies less on your left brain creativity and more on your right brain intellect. This linguistics game tests your ability to identify languages. This game is terrific for more formal, subdued bridal showers. Words like Wedding, Bride and Groom exist in many languages and cultural groups. Highlighting languages including German, Irish Gaelic, French, Croatian, Flemish, Dutch, Slovak and Serbian- this game is bound to feature a few languages from everyone’s background. Various phrases relating to wedding ceremonies and “Bride” and “Groom” are shown translated for each language. You must identify which language each of each set of three. This game is a challenge, but you’d be surprised who comes out as a linguistics genius. Comprendes? You can download or view “Bride, Groom, Wedding” for free here.

Bridal Shower Gift Bingo

The Bride has been decked out in Toiletpaper, delicious food savored and door prizes given. You’ve probably learned a few things you didn’t know about The Bride and her friends and family. One last task, the opening of gifts! Gift bingo is a terrific way to keep the guests involved with the opening, attentively watching The Bride open each. Everybody knows how to play BINGO! All eyes on The Bride. This game requires a some preparation on your part, but it’s not too hard— you can download 16 unique pdf Bridal Shower Gift Bingo cards here or, from Amazon, 50 Player Bridal Shower Gift Bingo.