Best Business Laptop Computers 2012-2013

Best Business Laptop Computers

Business men and women often have specific laptop requirements that make some laptops be more beneficial to them than others. They therefore need to have the best business laptop computers that are highly efficient and can manage a larger workload without crashing. On the other hand, they may also need rugged computers that are scratch resistant and strong enough to avoid impacts especially for business men and women who travel a lot and work in rugged environments. Business laptops are however more expensive as compared to other laptops. The following are some example of the best business laptops.

Dell Latitude E6420 ATG

One outstanding feature with this best business laptop is its incredible battery life which allows you to continue with business for even half a day or more in the absence of power. It also has a really fast computing power that enables you to work efficiently producing more accurate results. Working with a 4GB DDR3 RAM you can be sure you have a powerful laptop at your disposal. The processor, Intel high-end-quad-core core 2620M that processes your data at an amazing speed of 2.7GHz adds on the convenience of this laptop. It additionally has 4 USB ports to it that allows you to transfer and share data to the fullest. It also works with windows 7 professional OS that is always very efficient.

HP Elite Book 2560p

This is also among the best business laptops and functions with second generation Intel core processors that makes it incredibly fast. Also has 4 GB DDR3 RAM memory that doubles up its speed and functionality along with a 320 GB hard drive memory. Its ports and connectivity are pretty up to date as well to allow for quick data retrieval and transfers. Among other features other ordinary laptop features it has Wi-Fi support and HD webcam too. Generally, it is way more powerful than most laptops due to its tough construction and awesome ergonomics.

Lenovo ThinkPad T420

Lenovo ThinkPad T420 has a rough surface to withstand the constant movement it has to go through as a business laptop. It has a memory of 500GB Hard drive, which allows for adequate storage of huge mass of data, has a really long battery life and 4 USB 2.0 ports that cinch quick data transfers. It also has a Bluetooth and WLAN antenna integrated. This laptop is usually available with windows 7 Home Premium and professional operating systems.

Dell Vostro V131

Dell Vostro V131 is quite an affordable laptop that has 3 USB ports like most business laptops hence allows you to transfer data fast and efficiently. It is built with a 4GB DDR3 RAM that makes it workable and capable of handling tasks professionally at the same time. It in addition has a fast Intel core i5 2410 CPU that is reliable in execution of tasks. Its webcam has a high resolution and it produces high quality images. Lastly it has a tough exterior to manage with a Microsoft 2010 starter.

However if you want to get one of the best business laptops available, there are some particular features that you should be on the lookout for. For example, it should have at least 4GB RAM, Wi-Fi and some Ethernet ports. It further should use windows 7 professional, ultimate or home premium operating systems. Then ultimately you should be keen to look for one that has a large hard drive capacity. With these specifications in mind, you will sure get your hands on the best business laptop computers.