Best Camera Backpack for Travel or Day Trips

Protecting your camera from drops, bangs and the elements means finding the Best Camera Backpack for the money and your needs. Sure, you could buy any backpack and use it for transporting a DSLR camera, but that may not be the wisest choice.

Why? Because all backpacks are not created equally. A camera back pack is designed with extra padding, compartments and ways to carry and protect specific types of camera gear–regular backpacks usually have no padding and wide open interiors with no way to keep lenses and camera bodies from damage.

The camera packs we selected garner high ratings from buyers, have plenty of room for cameras and accessories and in some cases so much room you can load up a laptop and basic travel items like clothing, snacks and toiletries. Cool camera bags for sure!

Best Camera Pack Under $100 – Tenba ShootoutTM Backpack – Mini

Tenba Shootout Camera Backpack Mini

Temba Shootout Camera Backpack Inside

Don’t be fooled by the name of this backpack—there is nothing “mini” about it.

The Tenba Shootout Mini is the perfect backpack for protecting your camera and lenses–it has superb padding for protecting your gear and it’s waterproof exterior keeps everything dry and safe.

The best feature has to be this pack’s roomy interior. It’s big enough to carry 2 SLR cameras (with lenses attached) and 4 to 6 lenses depending on what you need for your outing. Built for all season use, the Tenba Shootout Backpack is the largest mini around.

Reviewers mention the need to carry this pack on one shoulder when shooting or anticipating a moment—easier access to lenses and camera. Easy to carry a tripod with this pack! Here’s what reviewers had to say.

Best Camera Backpack Under $150 – Tamrac Photo/Laptop Backpack 

Tamrac Photo Backpack

The favorite feature and main advantage of the Tamrac 3380 Aero 80 Backpack is its dual purpose as a camera and laptop bag.

The camera conveniently stores in a separate, padded compartment from the laptop padded compartment. Plus, the middle compartment is perfect for storing an extra jacket, snacks or other items you deem necessary for a day shoot or travel.

Mesh side pockets give you easy access to camera accessories or your favorite drink. Inside you can carry a single DSLR with attached lens and 2 to 3 extra lenses plus accessories.

Many reviewers are using the middle compartment to carry additional electronics such as a small video camera or an extra DSLR/SLR body. This backpack is roomy enough for all of that and the original items it was intended for. Read what reviewers are saying.

Top-Rated Camera Backpack Under $200 – CineBags CB-25B Revolution Backpack

Cinebags Camera BackpackCinebags Revolution Camera Photo Backpack InsideThe CB-25B Revolution Backpack has such a great look—a cross between the traditional camera bag and high fashion details (buckles, straps, stitching)—that we almost passed it up. Glad we didn’t—just look at what you can pack into this bag! Looks like it holds several bodies and numerous lenses-three to four with room for more in other compartments.

Glad we didn’t—just look at what you can pack into this bag! Could hold several bodies and numerous lenses-three to four- with room for more in other compartments. Plus, its added laptop storage adds to the utility of this pack. 

Additional fleece-lined compartment for anything delicate like a lens or a pair of sunglasses. Also, has an additional pockets and pouches for extras like phones, cords, etc. Waterproof material with an additional pull-out rain cover and multiple ways to carry the backpack.

Professional photographers have left reviews that give Cinebags a thumbs up–that’s always a good sign. This backpack DOES FIT under the seat in front of you, so don’t hesitate to take this one traveling! Find out more from reviewers.

Still looking for the Best Camera Backpack?

Lots of options available–we just reviewed three of the most popular packs that reviewers love. Know what you are looking for before you start your search, then dive in.

You can find photo backpacks in numerous categories. Start your search for the Best Camera Backpack here.