Best Car Air Fresheners – Keep Your Vehicle Free Of Foul Odors

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You get in your car, and there it is, that awful smell. Surely this scenario has happened to you multiple times, whether it’s due to the kid’s leaving a piece of food under the backseat, having an accident in the back, driving an older vehicle or any other common occurrences that can lead to foul smelling odors. Perhaps you ran over that skunk on accident on the way home at night. No matter what happens, it’s quite common for people to use air fresheners in their vehicles. However, many of them just don’t quite cut the mustard.

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You want an air freshener that is going to smell good and is very strong. You might not want the strong scent of pine on a little fake green tree hanging from the rear view mirror. Those days are gone, but you do need a good air freshener. Even in the absence of foul smelling odors, it’s nice to give that car a good cleaning and then put in a new air freshener that is soothing and refreshing.

When it comes to finding the best car air fresheners, you have to realize that there are traditional outlets and displays in department stores, and then there are those specialty items, like the ones sold in Bath & Body Works. You don’t necessarily have to stop at a niche stop to find the best car fresheners, but rest assured these would be top of the line. Still, there are many other options available to you, and the following will give you a good idea on what you need to purchase.

Of course, if you’re just buying air fresheners to mask odors in your vehicle, then you also need to consider the fact that you should be getting to the root of the problem if its persistent. A good air freshener goes in conjunction with a clean vehicle. While there are many reasons for odors and finding and eliminating the source isn’t always cut and dry, you have to get it done one way or the other.

You can do this by vacuuming and washing your car weekly. Every quarter have your upholstered seats cleaned at a detail shop as well as your floorboards and other parts of your vehicle. Look into various car maintenance products and, after taking a look at the following air fresheners, keep one in that vehicle at all times!


One of the biggest complaints of car air fresheners is that they are either not strong enough or that they don’t last long enough. A small container of potpourri left under the seat is a wonderful and long-lasting way to get the job done correctly. Potpourri is inexpensive, and there are all types of different fragrances available. The only thing you have to make sure of is that you secure the potpourri in a container that won’t spill. This can be anything from a small little baggie of some kind to a little glass or ceramic container. Either way, you can’t lose with potpourri.

Clip on air fresheners

These types of air fresheners have a strong scent and attach to the vents of your vehicle’s air conditioning system inside. So, this helps the fragrance catch air and circulate throughout your vehicle. This is not only more effective but also makes the scent stronger in general. They come in a variety of different fragrances.

Now, what about the type of fragrance? Some people don’t like to be overwhelmed by the smell of vanilla extract, and the whole pine tree ordeal was mentioned earlier. Trends change over time, but for sure there have been an overwhelming variety of different scents that have hit the market. What are the most popular? New car smell is always a favorite, Pep Boys has a ‘Black Ice’ air freshener that is trending, Gardenia, anything citrus, and any rain or ocean air scents are always quite popular as well.

CarPlan fresh fusion

This is a very popular and trending car air freshener that combines two perfume scents. It lets you determine how much of the scent is let loose in your vehicle, which is of course ideal for different situations. Consumer reviews do state that this air freshener lasts quite awhile, which is a major concern as mentioned above regarding typical air fresheners.

Jelly Belly

Everyone recognizes this name from the best jelly bean flavors in the world. However, it is also an extremely popular air freshener.

AirWick poppy coral

What a name! AirWick is a favorite among air freshener companies, producing many different types of products. Their plugin products and sprays for the household are definitely top-notch. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this sweet smelling air freshener tops the list.

It’s best to break away from the old and get in with the new. That is where fresh scent ideas and long-lasting ones at that are hailing from. This doesn’t necessarily mean don’t trust old brands, it’s the old products that you should steer clear from.

Some recurring habits tend to create lingering odors. For example, you might consistently eat in or smoke in your car. These habitual activities are going to require the presence of a strong air freshener that is constantly in place. Of course, no matter what you do in your car, even if you’re the cleanest person on earth, an air freshener constantly present is the best idea anyway. Why?

Well, let’s just see you’re riding along and junior decides to let one rip. Or, you just feel like smelling something floral besides everyone else’s natural scents while packed in the vehicle like sardines on family day. As you can see, many different scenarios present themselves, and you’re going to be in control of things with the best car freshener in place. Many of the air fresheners mentioned have different applications, so this will help you narrow down your choice as you decide what presence you want your air freshener to have inside your vehicle.

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