Best Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

The best carrier oils for essential oils are organic essential oils. Organic carrier oils are produced free from insecticides, fertilizers and synthetic chemical herbicides. When carrier oils are all naturally grown, life giving antioxidants, minerals and vitamins aren’t lost or destroyed during processing. Carrier oils are used primarily to dilute essential oils since essential oils are highly concentrated.

This article is focused on the carriers for essential oils, but if you’re looking for more articles about the health and wellness properties, I recommend starting with the 10 best essential oils for healing.

Most organic carrier oils are derived from nuts, seeds and vegetables, whereas, essential oils are made from trees and plants. Both are necessary to create the perfect blend of oils that are used in Aromatherapy for massage and to treat various health conditions. Beginners should start by mixing carrier oils and essential oils from the same family. For instance, mix citrus scents such as lemon and orange or spice with spice like nutmeg and cinnamon.

There is a learning curve when it comes to the mixing and blending of carrier oils with essential oils, so it’s best to educate yourself on them if you plan to use them long term for healing purposes. By the way, it is worth the time and effort, especially for those who are into alternative health care methods.

Now, let’s look at some of the most popular organic carrier oils and what their purpose is:

* Sweet Almond Oil- Soothes, softens and conditions the skin

* Jojoba Oil- Treats skin, hair and scalp irritations

* Coconut Oil- Is Antiviral and antibacterial promotes natural healing

* Apricot Kernel- Excellent for mature skin, minimizes wrinkles

* Rosehip Seed- Heals sun damage and scarring

* Tamanu Oil- Heals wounds and relieves pain

* Hazelnut Oil- An effective astringent for oily skin

Carrier oils are the base oil, so the mixture is more carrier oil than essential oil. A typical mixture would be something like 10-12 drops of essential oil to 1oz carrier oil. Therefore, it only makes sense to buy small bottles of essentials oils like those found in essential oil kits and a larger bottle of carrier oil.

Lastly, you need a few small flasks or bottles to create your blends and that’s it you’re ready to get started.