Best Cheap Gaming Laptops 2012 – 2013

Best Cheap Gaming Laptops

If you are a hardcore gamer considering to purchasing gaming laptops then you are very lucky. This is because the current technology endows the market with a vast choice of among the best cheap gaming laptops. In addition, the laptops come with various appealing features which are sure to entice you into buying one. These laptops not only give you exhilarating gaming experience but also room for studying and plenty of mobile computing power! The PC world offers a wide variety which you could put into consideration. This solely relies on the specifications you deem fit for you. So here are some options you may want to start out with.

Toshiba satellite 755-S5349 silver

To begin with, Toshiba is one of the best manufacturing company for laptops. The Toshiba satellite is characterized by an exemplary 15.6 inch screen with Intel high definition graphics. It also comes with a hard drive capacity of 640GB 5400RPM. This laptop, like many of the best cheap gaming laptops is equipped with an internal memory of 4GB. This model is highly affordable going at a price of about $519.75. It is just the kind of laptop you should go for if you are working on a slim budget. Additionally, it has the windows 7 home premium OS and an impressive maximum battery life of around 5-7 hours. You can be sure you’ll enjoy a rich set of new features for stunning and seamless visual PC experience with this laptop model. Lastly it has a fusion finish in matrix silver.

Asus A53U-AS22

Going for a price of $372.75 this laptop is a display of top-notch technology regardless of the relatively low pricing. With a pre-installed windows 7 home premium OS, this model has a 15.6 inch screen ATI HD 6320G. It also has a hard disk of 500GB and a RAM of up to 4GB ensuring that you can save all your favorite games without having to worry about space. As if that’s not enough, this laptop has 3 2.0 USB portals for exterior connections and file transfers. This way you can make all connections you need with ease. It is among one of the most satisfying best cheap gaming laptops with a warranty of up to 1 year to provide coverage for any technical hitches.

Asus A53U-EH11

If you are on the hunt for versatile entertainment this is the model to go for. This laptop is equipped with 15.6 inch screen not forgetting that the A53U-EH11 has an array of built in features tailored to guarantee ease of use. Powered by AMD Brazos C-60 processor, it also has HD 6290 graphics for a brilliant and responsive HD entertainment. This laptop handles multitasking and entertainment incredibly on its amazing 15.6 LED screen. It has a hard disk capacity of 320GB and an internal memory of 3GB. It is one of the best cheap gaming laptops with a sunken-hinge screen design enabling you to enjoy wider and ergonomic viewing angles.

Ultimately, it is possible to purchase these best cheap gaming laptops online. This is a great way to acquire your own laptop at the comfort of your home considering most companies that sell them usually offer free deliveries. If you are looking forward to an exemplary gaming experience, you absolutely have no hindrances now as you could always go for the best cheap laptops made using high-end technology for gaming.