Best Chocolate In The World

Being a chocolate lover isn’t an acquired skill, the sweet treat is just something most people naturally love! But just where can you find the best chocolate in the world?

Finding the best chocolate in the world was one man’s quest when he found a brand of chocolate called Amedei, which is made by an Italian brother and sister team. Spending time with their company gave him a great story for Food And Wine. You can read more about Pete Wells story on the Food and Wine website.

Why Amedei? The simple fact is that most chocolate is bought, not made. The process is a grueling experience that takes very hard work and many companies do not want to deal with what it takes. First you import the cacao beans, then roast and husk them. Next, you will have to grind the nibs into a paste, making sure it is very fine. Adding sugar and then grinding some more until you swirl the mix in open tanks that will smooth the texture. This blows off acid and other flavors that you don’t want in a fine chocolate. Many times it is just easier to buy the chocolate out right instead of making it yourself. Amedei chocolates are made, not bought!

The above video shows just how much work it will take to make some of the most delicious and best chocolate in the world! The video is in French and if you don’t know that language you will still get the same idea about how it’s made even if you don’t understand the words.

There are many other chocolates that are very alluring to the lover of sweet treats. Luxe chocolates, which is better known as Lindt, is from Switzerland. Then there’s the popular Belgium chocolate,Godiva, which is known around the globe, but which one is the world’s best chocolate?

Chocolate keeps getting more and more popular, but that’s no surprise. Since the early 90’s, America started seeing more and more chocolatiers in places like the Bay Area, where Guittard expanded it’s line of artisanal chocolates. Ghiradelli has stores everywhere it seems and you can find them almost anywhere, in drugstores, groceries and local department stores like Kmart and Walmart.

Then of course there is organic chocolate. Trends begin to hit the world of chocolates and along comes a factory in Ashland, Oregon that sells Dagoba chocolates. You can find them on Amazon if you don’t see them local. The company itself sells them via this trusted site.

You may not be a chocolate fanatic or care if you buy the best chocolate in the world. Perhaps you just want what you want, that delicious treat you grew up with, or found you love the taste of a certain brand somewhere through time. You may want to check out Best Chocolates Online, a website for Chocolate lovers. Forget about scrolling through all the craziness at Amazon. This webmaster did the work for you and you can choose and pick from an array of deliciousness!

It really doesn’t matter whether you like to find Dark Chocolate online or even handmade chocolates?
What matters is that you are the decision maker when it comes to finding best chocolates in the world. It’s whatever you love and that’s the bottom line.