News Best Christmas Vacation Deals 2012

Best Christmas Vacation Deals 2012


This Year’s Top picks for Best Christmas Vacation Packages

If you’re searching for the best Christmas vacation deals 2012, you’ve found the right place to find options you can take. But, of course, these top destination spots for Christmas are merely suggestions. Depending on your preferences, you can either opt for an adventurous ski park or a hot and sunny beach resort where the snow is unavailable. Hopefully, this list will cover all your requirements for the ideal Christmas destination you’ve been dreaming of.


For those who want to experience a sunny weather in December, one of the best Christmas vacation deals 2012 you can get is a trip to Mexico. The great thing about vacation packages heading to Mexico is affordability whether it’s headed to Acapulco or Puebla. Among the crowd’s favorite Mexican cities are Cancun, Puebla and Ixtapa. But, there are other luxury beach resorts from other cities you can opt for. Travel packages would range from $500 to $1200 per head covering 4 nights of stay.


Another perfect getaway spot is the Caribbean if you’re looking for white sand coastlines for Christmas. There are even cruises that you can take headed to the Caribbeans that would pass the Bahamas along the journey. The most favorite destination spots in this region are Jamaica, Barbados, Negril and Freeport. A 4-nights tour packages in this region will range from $550 to $3900.


If you’re searching for something exotic, Thailand is another destination spot under the best Christmas vacation deals 2012. Although airfare will not be cheap, it is still a country worth visiting. Don’t worry, most resorts and hotels in Thailand are price friendly. Most luxury hotels would only cost you $100, the suites on the other hand would cost $300 for 3 nights. Phuket, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui are some of the cities that are highly recommended.


If you’re searching for a ski resort, Whistler ski area in Canada is a highly recommended destination spot you can try. Basically, Whistler is often described as the “world’s outdoor hangouts” because of its mountain range. With a budget of $460 to $520, you can enjoy a 4 night stay at this ski area.

Colorado, USA

One of the old time favorite Christmas destination spot is Aspen. Ski resorts are Collorado’s pride. If you’re searching for an adventurous Christmas getaway for your family or friends, no need to go out of the country and spend a lot. There are a lot of resort packages you can take. Some offer 5 nights with free lift tickets for $697. To learn more about these packages you can visit


There are other Christmas destination spots you can try such as Germany, Switzerland, Pueto Rico and Cuba. Either of these countries can offer you some tan while on the beach or an adrenaline rush while skiing down the mountain trail while enjoying your Christmas break. You can use the websites or to find complete and affordable package tours. As for the best Christmas vacation deals 2012, these countries are the top pick.

Best Christmas Vacation Deals 2012
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