Best Cold Snack Of The 90's: How To Make A Freeze Cup The Old Fashioned Way

During hot summers, taking trips to the store for some cool treats can get expensive when you have a large family or an overactive sweet tooth. Everyone is looking for a way to cool down without having to flatten their wallet in the process.

Luckily, we found the answer back in the 1990’s and for some reason, it’s gone forgotten in most households.

Things You’ll Need:

  • One or two gallon pitchers
  • Large stirring spoon
  • Plastic party cups
  • Sugar
  • Flavored Drink Mix

The process is really simple. Take the pticher and fill it with water. Tap water is fine! Open the drink mix packets and empty the contents into the pitcher. After doing this, stir for about five seconds and then add sugar and make it to your liking.

Instead of pouring a lot of sugar in at once and just guessing it’s sweet enough, make sure to check the sweetness after every two spoons of sugar added. Two drink mix packets usually make a full gallon and everyone’s taste buds are different.

Some people prefer their mix extremely sweet, while others prefer something a lot more subtle. Once you’ve mixed the solution to your liking, grab your plastic cups and sit them out. Pour the tasty drink mix into the cups while paying special attention to how high you fill the cups. If you have a tray built into your freezer, place the cups there gently and leave them for 4 hours.

If you don’t have a special tray already in your freezer, just sit the cups on the flat surface and make sure there is nothing around the cups that can knock them over.

Most people enjoy using a spoon to eat their freeze cups, but some people like to create a mini popsicles by using smaller plastic cups and adding sticks to the cup. This works great for small children at summer birthday parties, but they’re so yummy that most parents will admit they may sneak a treat or two for themselves.

Best Drink Mix For Freeze Cups