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Best College Apartment Decorations – 10 Items to Make Your New Home Super Cozy


Once we leave home to venture off to school we often find ourselves renting our first place and we want it to be the coolest, hippest, little space anyone has ever seen; it is important for those who want to have a special look to figure out what are some of the best college apartment decorations. While tastes do vary and not all spaces will be able to accommodate everything on this list it is a good starting point from which one should be able to build an awesome home away from home, a great place to hang out, to have fun, and to get a bit of studying done as well. Many of the best items one could ever hope to find can be purchased online at bargain prices for quick delivery with no hassles.

Fun Seating

A funky pattern on a chair, some bright colors, or some unique silhouette can add so much to a room and will be great for friends to lounge on while you watch television or study.  One inexpensive option is a bean bag chair like the Majestic Home Goods Bean Bag, it comes in bright colors and the polka dot print on some models is especially eye-catching.

Wall Decals

Because most college apartments have white walls and cannot be painted, and because some landlords will charge for even the smallest hole in a wall cause by a thumbtack, it is worth it to give wall decal a try. One great set is the Peel and Stick Graphic Mural Decal Circle Dot Kit Appliques which can be applied to the walls and moved whenever one wants to change the look of the apartment a little bit.  These come in colors and patterns and solid black as well.  These are an inexpensive way to personalize your new place without causing damage you will have to pay for later.


Mirrors make a room look bigger, are fun when someone is making silly faces, and are necessary for checking one’s hair and outfit before leaving for classes.  Mirrors can be quite heavy and hard to hang so consider lightweight ones that use suction cups to adhere to the wall, ones that have a stand that sits on the floor, or even ones that are like the wall decals mentioned above.  For some fun you might try Heart Mirror Decals or other fun shapes and styles.

A Place to Put the Television

You will not be able to mount your television on the wall so you should consider a television stand or an entertainment unit that can hold the TV as well as any other equipment that you use for entertainment purposes.  For an inexpensive option consider the basic but stylish Designs2Go 3 Tier Wide TV stand.  It is well rated by those who own it and is affordable but sturdy.

Cool Window Treatments

Apartments often have basic blinds or shades and generally there will be curtain rods or you can get permission to install them.  Try a bright and colorful set of sheers for a light and bright look that will dress up the plain windows. Tie die curtains are forgiving when not laundered real frequently, come in bright colors, and will look great with the eclectic décor that is so fabulous in most college apartments.  For fun try a Multi-Color Peace Sign Tie Dye Curtain Set that is inexpensive, light weight and bright and will make the room pop when friends walk in and take a look.


Candles set the mood for a restful night, some romance, or a cozy dinner.  Many landlords ask that no open flames be used.  A great way to solve this problem is to order a set of flameless candles that are lit by battery powered bulbs.  A nice set made by Mark Feldstein and Associates and is even vanilla scented.  Containing 27 pieces, this set will be more than enough for any college apartment.

Colorful Pillows

Decorative pillows in all kinds of prints, colors and shapes can be fun and add splashes of great color to an apartment. Consider bright colored pillows that will work on the sofa or on the floor to help make an overflow of guests more comfortable.  The Brentwood Fifi 18×18 Knife Edge Pillow is made of textured fabric and come sin several fun colors.  These are comfortable, soft, and tons of fun to have in the living room or bedroom.


Bright light for studying into the night are so important.  No one wants a bare bulb or some lamp that looks like it belongs in great-grandma’s house.  For a fun silhouette and a lot of light try the Ikea NOT Floor Upright/reading Lamp Combo.  This has a general light and an adjustable reading lamp on one modern and sleek steel pole.  The lamp offers pleasant light and will not break the bank.

Throw Blankets

Friends might come over to camp out for the night, you may need to keep the thermostat a bit lower to save energy and money or you may want to nap on the sofa.  A warm throw blanket with a cool pattern that coordinates with the colors in the living room can be thrown over the back of a chair or sofa and can be used when it is needed. All for Color offers cozy fleece throws in a wide array of colors that are bound to be perfect for your new apartment.

Scatter Rugs

One for the bathroom, one beside the bed, maybe even one by the front of the sofa, a scatter rug or throw rug in a great print or awesome color will really bring the place together and brighten up the room.  Try Our Space Bright Plush Rugs for great colors a soft feel for the tows and a thick, lush surface. These rugs are not expensive and are easy to care for and quite durable.

These are some of the best college apartment decorations that are available and that will spruce up the apartment on a tight budget but will make a big bang and a great impression on your friends.

Best College Apartment Decorations – 10 Items to Make Your New Home Super Cozy
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