Best Commercial Tillers Review and Where to Buy Commercial Rototillers

It is just about that time of year again to prep your land for a new garden or your favourite flowers or maybe you just need to till the land to uproot pesky weeds. Homeowners have wised up and started purchasing commercial tillers to save their backs and a whole bunch of time. Commercial size tillers will speed up your tilling time by 90% once you get the hang of using the machine.

Do yourself a favour and throw out your hoe and invest in a piece of equipment that works as hard as an ox and plow. Purchasing a rototiller is like buying a snow blower, it might not be a necessity but it sure makes life easier. If you make your life easier in the winter then why not treat yourself in the spring summer and fall.

There are many affordable commercial tillers made by companies you have heard of even if you are not in the farm industry. For instance you can purchase Craftsman rototillers, Troy bilt tiller, Husqvarna and I am sure you have heard of John Deere. Well guess what? Of course John Deere tillers are available as well.

Best tillers

So the question now is what is the best rototiller and I can honestly say that the best rototiller is the tiller and cultivator that works best for you and your yard not only for the work it will do but how much it will cost you to purchase. I know that’s not the answer you hoped for but it is the best answer I can give you. A few key things you should be looking for when looking for a good rototiller for yourself is:

· Power. If you have an older yard with trees and shrubs and ground that is mixed with clay and soil you will want to get as powerful of a tiller as you can afford. If however you have a newer home with new topsoil and new gardening soil then you won’t require as heavy duty of a rototiller as someone who has an older piece of land to till. If you have an older yard and have had new soil brought in then you won’t require the heavy duty rototiller either.

· Tines width. The Tines are the blades that spin around propelling the rototiller forward. The wider the swath or tines the ore ground you can cover which means you spend less time tilling your garden. Just make sure the power is enough for you so you’re not doing any work other than keeping the rototiller under control. Just like a lawnmower that has a wider blade a rototiller with wider tines will get the job done quicker.

· The more controls you have on the tiller like brakes, speeds the better. A rototiller is not an easy machine to handle if your ground is old and packed down for years or has large roots. Just be careful and take your time and let the machine do the work for you.

Commercial tillers are available at farm supply stores, home building and hardware stores and even places like Sears or you can even order a rototiller online from and have it shipped to your home. The best commercial rototiller reviews are word of mouth and I can verify that machines built by Craftsmen, Husqvarna, Troy Bilt and of course John Deere tillers are all good pieces of gardening equipment for small home gardens to very large farm yard type gardens. Treat your tiller with care and it will last you for years to come.