Best Compact Rowing Machines for Apartments

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Top Rated Small Rowing Machines for Flats & Apartments

Do you want to get fit in the privacy of your own apartment, however are a bit cramped with regards to space — if so, deciding to go for a compact hybrid rowing machine was a smart idea. This way, not only do you get to work out & get fit — without all the hassle of getting to and from the gym & having to share — you have your very own rowing machine that can neatly store away once you are through with it. Below is a selection of three of the very best compact rowing machines on the market, so you will hopefully find the ideal model from this range.

1. HCI Fitness – Outrigger Scull Rowing MachineBest Compact Rowing Machines for Apartments, Seekyt

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This German engineered rowing machine is ideal for those looking for a machine capable of providing them an intense workout, however are limited on space. It is designed as a high quality piston rowing machine, manufactured out of just metal — with appropriate ergonomic designs for comfort (e.g. large pivot footplates), smooth operation and stability (supporting a max user weight of up to 275 lbs). The seat and handles are adjustable so can accommodate both the smaller and taller user. Moreover, it is also foldable and is fitted with wheels so once you are done working out on it, you can simply slide under the bed or some furniture to get it out of the way.

It hosts two hydraulic cylinders for you to engage a resistance of up to 12 separate levels, so you can constantly make your workout more and more challenging — as you get fitter and fitter. This machine will give you a complete body work out, working your core, upper body & lower muscles (at a 65 to 35 ratio, respectively). It also comes with a performance monitor that provides feedback details on time, strokes committed, calories burned off as well as fitness programs.

Rating: 78% (sourced | Dimensions: 55 x 68 x 15 inches | Weight: 55 lbs

2. LifeSpan Fitness – RW1000 Rowing Machine

Best Compact Rowing Machines for Apartments, Seekyt

This award-winning fitness machine is more how you imagine a ‘proper rowing machine to look like’ — it again is extremely effective to help you lose weight, tone & strengthen your entire body. The RW1000 provides a smooth and whisper quiet workout (through its Eddy Current Drive system), so if you aren’t wanting to wake anyone or keep someone up — this is your machine.

It is made from just metal so is incredible stable & durable, being able to support a user weight of up to 300 lbs. Furthermore, it comes with a sophisticated console that displays a range of necessary diagnostics for you to keep tabs with your work out such as : distance, time, calories burned etc. Like, the outrigger, the RW1000 also folds up for easy storage to 34 x 19 x 64 inches.

Rating: 80% (sourced

3. Stamina Fitness – 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Another great space-saving rowing machine that takes up just 32.5 x 48 inches when unfolded and weighs in at just 47 lbs. The 1215 hosts a range of awesome features such as: the LCD console, padded seat with ball bearing roller system (offering maximum comfort & motion), variation in resistance (5 levels) with foam grips working in conjunction with hydraulic cylinders to produce a low impact work out.

Best Compact Rowing Machines for Apartments, Seekyt

All this for just over $200, this has to be probably the best value for money from the lot — a quality machine for a budget price. It also comes with everything already in place and you are backed on a 5 year warranty placement on the frame and 90 days with components & parts.

Which Compact Rowing Machine Will You Buy?

All the compact rowing machines here are great options to look at — and will undoubtedly be practical in both storage and getting & keeping you fit and healthy. However, which one will you choose and why? Also, if you haven’t decided to go with one of the models here, then please do let me know which one you have decided on in the comments below.

Finally, if you have any issues or queries regarding the best compact rowing machines for apartments (i.e any of the models featured above) then please make them in the comments. Also, if you’ve found this account useful please be sure to give it a like or share.

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Best Compact Rowing Machines for Apartments, Seekyt
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