Best Computer Laptop New MacBook Pro with Retina Display?

The best laptop is not the Apple Macbook. It is overpriced and not even good. The retina display is decent, but higher resolution moniters can be had for cheaper. My favorite is the HP probook. It has better stats, a beter warranty, and is cheaper. I got mine from newegg for just 799. Apple products rope people in with their advertisig and flase claims, forcing people to make bad impulse buys. The hp probook just works, it doesnt need to sell itself on artificial stuff. I respect their work ethis. The ram is upgradeable on the probook. Like the macbook, hp’s offereing comes in many sizes, but you can customize it mroe than the apple product. The accessoryis are also better. Apple’s mouse is terrible, but hp makes some very nice mice. All in all, I would reccommend the hp probook to any prospective apple macbook buyer. The benefits outweight the brand name. Even then, apple computers will make you look like a poser. – California

I would say no. It is not worth the money ($2,199.00 ), but it is a great laptop. It is in a different league than laptops so I don’t view it as a laptop. I view it as a notebook. I would use this money to buy a cheaper laptop and maybe put down a down payment. – Jacksonville

If you need a computer for creating graphics, using photoshop, or other digital-graphics then it’s definitely worth it to buy the MacBook pro. If you’re not doing anything particularly advanced then another computer may be functionally the same, and cheaper. I would go with an HP laptop, they are relatively inexpensive but work just as well. I don’t need to do anything to fancy, and never create graphics so the retina display just isn’t important to me. – Idaho

The best laptop available on the market at the moment is without doubt the new MacBook Pro with 15inch Retina display. The retina display is an important part of this product as it allows for stunning graphics and crystal clear text. The retina display will not only make your personal projects that more beautiful but it will allow digital designers to work with more accuracy and detail than ever before. Print designers can preview their designs at full 300dpi print quality. I would defiantly buy this product over a cheaper brand as I know I am getting the quality I demand from an Apple product. The screen alone makes the purchase worth the money. – Chicago

The best computer laptop available for the money is without a doubt the new Macbook Pro. However, the more important question is whether or not it is truly several hundred dollars better than its competitors. Truth be known there are several other laptops on the market that have nearly identical specifications and cost significantly less. Ultimately it comes down to the cliche explanation of what you are going to be using the laptop for. For those more musically and artistically driven the macbook is an obvious choice as a result of programs like Garage Band being preinstalled on the computer. For those who merely need their computer to perform ordinary and boring tasks such as browsing the internet and word processing a mere dell would do the job perfectly well. – New York

I think that the macbook pro is overpriced for the regular consumer. The new macbook pro with a retina display seems to target more of the high end photographers and video editors. Thought there are better options out there, for example, Lenovo laptops, their top of the line laptop is about 1000 dollars cheaper while having better specs, the most obvious is the processor and ability for 32 GB of Ram. – Houston
The best laptop on the current market, in my personal opinion, is the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. This display offers the same crystal clear optics as the iPad. I have years of experience using both Apple products and Windows products. Consequently, I believe that one of these is far superior than the other. In my opinion, Apple has always released a far superior product in every way. Granted, Apple products will put a much bigger dent in your pocket book. However, this initial investment will pay off in the end, as an Apple product will last longer and perform beyond the customer’s expectations. If I currently had the money, I would be excited to purchase one of the new MacBook Pro’s with Retina Display. I would not use this hypothetical money to purchase anything less than one of these new MacBooks. In fact, I would be certain to purchase the most ‘tricked out’ model of the new MacBook, because I would want to have all the finest features and software currently available. I would have no reservations in regards to purchasing this product, if I had the money to do so. However, I am currently unemployed and do not have sufficient funds to purchase anything like this. Accordingly, I do not know if I will ever have the money to purchase one of these fine laptops. – San Francisco