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Best Cordless Leaf Blower

If you need a quick and easy way to clean leaves off the deck or cleanup debris around your home or yard, finding the best cordless leaf blower may be the perfect solution. An affordable leaf blower that has the power you need and is easy to handle are easy to find. These machines could make the perfect Father’s Day or Birthday gift.

Cordless models work just like plugin models except they run on a battery and there are no cords trailing around behind you to cause a trip hazard. There are a few considerations when selecting a battery model as opposed to a plugin model. First, batteries run down and can stop your cleanup progress–buy a leaf blower with more battery power if you need more than 15 to 20 minutes of work time.

Top Cordless Leaf Blower Under $100 – Makita BUB182Z Lithium-Ion Cordless Blower

Best Cordless Leaf Blower - Makita

Buyers love this blower both for its adjustable power and its price point. It’s got a 3-speed motor and a very compact size at 20.75 inches. It’s lightweight, too, just under 4 pounds—you can hold this cordless blower longer than most.

Great for grandma, grandpa, mom or others who can’t or don’t want to hold something heavy to get the job done.

Compact and lightweight its small size makes it easier to use in tight areas. Ideal for light blowing and cleaning, the lower speed allows for longer battery use. Its three-year warranty is a nice addition.

Perfect blower for short needs—cleanup aropund the deck, front porch or garage entry—probably not a good choice for heavy leaf blowing or yard tasks requiring longer than 15 minutes.

Reviewers love its easy handling and ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold. Battery not included. Check out more info here.

FYI: Don’t expect a battery powered cordless to run for hours of use–this is why a cordless is purchased for quick yard care. You will need to recharge at some point, so plan your yard work around recharging time. Generally, the larger the battery, the faster the charging time. Buy one with a good warranty–two to four years is the average warranty time frame–so that parts are covered.

Best Cordless Leaf Blower Under $150 – Black and Decker 36V Lithium Ion Sweeper/Vac

Best Cordless Leaf Blower - Black & Decker

This leaf vac is sold with the battery or without–for $150 you can get it with the battery, and that’s a good deal as far as blower batteries are concerned.

Variable speed control gives you the power to control battery use as you work making the battery charge last longer. Still a lightweight choice at 5.4 pounds, the machine is dual purpose and converts easily between a blower and a vacuum. An attached bag collects vacuum debris.

This model has a built-in scraper in the blow tube that helps loosen and matted debris that is stuck together. Its 36-volt battery is more powerful than most blowers in this price range.

Buyers agree that the battery life on this leaf blower is great for most cleaning tasks around deck, patio and driveway. Read reviews here.

Popular Cordless Leaf Blower Under $175 – Greenworks 24102A Cordless Lithium-Ion Leaf Blower

Best Cordless Leaf Blower - Greenworks

Greenworks has designed this battery blower with a 40-Volt battery giving this yard vac more power than the other two blowers we have reviewed. More power helps you quickly remove the debris and leaves from your deck and small to medium sized yard.

Variable speed allows you to adjust power according to the task at hand. Battery and battery charger are included in the price of this machine. The four year machine warranty is an added perk; battery warranty is usually two-years.

According to buyers, you will get longer blowing time, up to 30 minutes and more from this yard tool. More product information here.

Still looking for a cordless leaf blower?

Lots of options to choose from when researching cordless leaf blowers. Just remember the more power the battery has, the higher the price of purchase. Trailing cords can seem inconvenient, but if you need lots of power and extended use consider an electric cord model.

If you want to see more of the Best Cordless Leaf Blowers on Amazon, check these out.

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