Best Cordless Stick Vacuum for Cat Litter: 3 Ultra-Powerful Stick Vacs That Have No Trouble With Kitty Litter

Three Top Rated Cordless Vacuums for Cat Litter Pick Up

Are you trying to find the ideal quality cordless vacuum that will take care of picking up your cat litter? Well, you have come across just the right showcase! Below, is a range of the three top rated stick vacuums that are considered pretty much ‘the best of the best’ in the cordless vacuum market — and after we have just provided you with a brief overview of each (detailing their features and aspects), we will then ultimately go on to decide a winner as to which is the very best at dealing with kitty litter.

#1 Dyson DC59 Animal Digital Slim Mark. III Cordless Stick

Granted the Dyson DC59 vacuum is expensive (coming in at around the $500 mark), but it is also very much unlike any other cordless stick vacuum that’s ever been produced, I mean to start with it can ‘suck up as much as a conventional [corded] vacuum cleaner]’ — so no other cordless stick vac will be able to quite deal with picking up cat litter in the same way a Dyson DC59 can.

It is integrated with all of Dyson’s very latest and re-vamped technology such as: the ultra efficient V6 Digital motor (that performs 5 times as many revolutions as a race car), the advanced two-tier radial root cyclone technology (capable of generating incredible centrifugal forces) and a cobalt battery that supplies well over 50% more power than the two cordless stick vacuums featured below (with a boost clean mode operating at a huge 100 Air watts). The cleaner carbon fiber brush head has also undergone a lot of re-engineering to dramatically increase its pick up rate.

In terms of practical design, it is a dream. It weighs just over 4.5 lbs (featherweight) and its weight is distributed towards the handle to give it an even greater sense of lightness (so its easy to even vacuum high too) and offers decent practical aspects too with a bin capacity of 0.12 gallons and a potential run time of up to 26 minutes due to the new integrated trigger mechanism.

With regards to accessories: it comes with a charging docking station (for it to be neatly stored away), a combination tool & motorized turbine attachment (for highly effective removal of pet hair). Also, through removing the wand (long tube attachment) you can turn it essentially into a handheld vacuum as well (i.e the DC58) for more intricate cleaning jobs (see image on the left) e.g. cleaning the car, stairs or cat litter.

In all, it really is a superb cleaning machine & can hands down, easily be crowned the best cordless stick vacuum for cleaning up cat litter.

Rating: 96% (sourced | Dimensions: 9.8′ x 47.8′ x 8.2′ | Weight: 4.6 lbs

#2 Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A lot cheaper than the DC59 at just under $150 & the most popular cordless stick vacuum on the entire market is the 7.25 lbs Hoover LINX — a cordless vacuum that features Hoover’s unique WindTunnel technology –to ensure no loss of suction — and to provide a powerful cleaning suction, ‘delivering a deep clean to any floor surface’.

It also comes with an 18 volt lithium ion battery to ensure that it ‘keeps on cleaning‘ lasting for up to 25 minutes from a single charge ((with a battery gauge, so you know when its about to run of power) and is also fade free (so it applies just as much power in the first 3 minutes as the last 3 minutes).

The Linx is designed with a narrow & low profile base, perfect for getting under furniture and in and out of small spaces with ease. In all, the Linx is a sound & quality cordless stick vacuum, which comes at a relatively affordable price.

Rating: 86% (sourced

#3 Rowenta Delta Force 18 Volt Cordless Vacuum

The Rowenta Delta Force (similarly priced to the Linx at just above $140) is a slightly different take on cordless stick vacuum cleaners.

It utilizes delta force cyclonic bagless technology to ensure ‘powerful & constant suction’ — about 500 oz/s of air is pushed through into container with a high speed air flow that literally rips up particles from carpets. This is all based through a unique 180 degree swivel triangle head that operates particularly well on hard floors (but is also fairly decent on rugs & carpets as well).

Moreover, the DeltaForce is integrated with an energy star certified battery that lasts for an impressive 40 minutes on a single charge.

It also features a lot of cool practical features as well such as the extra large loop handles with finger touch controls (controlling speed, height adjustments, on/off, booster and so on. There is also a self standing up right station for it to be charged on. A cordless stick vacuum more than capable of dealing with cat litter.

Rating: 88% (sourced

Which is the Best Stick Vacuum for Cat Litter?

The Winner: The Dyson DC59 Animal

Clearly the Dyson DC59 Animal is ‘the’ actual best cordless stick vacuum for cleaning & picking up cat litter, being a different league even to its closest competitors — but it is also a lot more expensive. So you may want to check out the Rowenta Delta force and Hoover Linx in more detail before buying, but which ever you go from the three, you are getting a truly great cleaning machine. Which cordless stick vac will you buy and why (let me know in the comments just below)?

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of the best cordless stick vacuum cleaners for cat litter then please them below & if you’ve found this article useful at all, please be sure to give it a like or share.