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Best cPanel Addons to Recommend

cPanel is the Linux based server management system known for versatility, ease, control and high security features. This highly powerful interface can further be integrated with various addons and plugins to optimize performance and output. These addons will add to the convenience of server management while they would add more features for the user to be benefited. Let us introduce here some of the most popular cPanel addons that can add real value to the user experience and server.


It is a library of commercial script that helps in automating the installation of web apps to a website.


It is basically a skin management software for cPanel server with advanced multilingual and multi theme capabilities.


This popular WHM/cPanel plugin is intended to make life easier by allowing you to offer various features like Shoutcast streaming media, AutoDJ, radio reseller from your server.


This add-ons module for cPanel server is to optimize WHM by including a gamut of features and functionalities for the end users of cPanel server.


It is the cloud based commercial OS that is destined to give web hosting stability and performance when the server fails to respond.


With this running time updating service you do not need to reboot the server for installing updates.


This advanced website builder helps you create feature rich websites in quick time.

ClamAV Connector

This is an antivirus protection plugin integrated to cPanel /WHM.


Munin is a network resource monitoring tool that gives you a clear picture of resource mobilization, usage and trends.


With this simple and effective plugin you can easily install, update, and uninstall addons.

Clean Backups

Clean Backups helps you to save backups removed for terminated accounts so that the administrator can decide to remove finally.

Comodo Web Application Firewall (CWAF)

CWAF plugin provides you published and predefined Free ModSecurity Rules from Comodo and management in WHM.

ConfigServer Explorer (cse)

For a fully featured file system explorer this plugin is ideal. It is also a Virtual Console for using inside the web browser in WHM.

Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM)

This powerful GUI oriented VPS management system offers full OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Paravirtualization and Xen HVM support. For ensuring both security and ease with VPS cluster this software is ideal.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is very popular open source web application framework for developing apps with the Ruby programming language.


Softaculous is a robust auto installer that has the capacity to install more than 200+ web apps with just a single click.

Resource Monitor

This makes server administration easy by allowing identifying all the cPanel accounts on the server using most part of server resources.

ConfigServer Mail Queues

This is a comprehensively featured mail configuration interface for the cPanel.

ConfigServer ModSecurity Control

This control tool is to manage cPanel mod_security implementation within WHM.

ConfigServer Mail Manage (cmm)

This easy to use plugin offers an interface for email accounts configuration in CPanel without needing the users to login to their accounts.

ConfigServer eXploit Scanner (cxs)

This plugin offers full protection from outside files updated to the server by scanning files each time they are uploaded.


This is a powerful, convenient interface enabled for instant installs, upgrades, backups and restoration.

BuycPanel is an authorized distributor of secure and reliable WHM/cPanel licenses and add-ons ( buycPanel .com/add ), including WHMCS, Softaculous, Fantastico, CloudLinux, Installatron, KernelCare, Attracta SEO Tools, WHMxtra, RVSkin, SpamScan and Litespeed. To learn how to install cPanel addons, visit Wikipedia.

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