Best Customized Christmas Card Websites

Customized Christmas cards can add a personal touch to the holiday season.

There are many options available, both with the traditional Christmas cards (where you cut a photo to size and stick it into the front of the card) to special Christmas card making websites. With so much on offer here are a few of the best customized Christmas card websites online.

Vista Print

I have used Vista Print myself and they produced a very good quality product with fast shipping. Their Christmas card software allows you to create a card with up to 6 photos (perfect if you want to make a collage). I had no problems using the software which seems fairly easy. There are lots of card templates to choose from with different designs and colors. The prices are also good. (While you are on the site check out the other Christmas photo options like the ornaments and gifts.)


This website has lots of great Christmas card templates available. They are very artistic looking and there is a massive variety (they even have Hanukkah cards). There are brilliant templates available for both one picture and multiple picture (collage) cards. The prices are a little more expensive than Vista Print but certainly worth the small difference in price if you are looking for something special.


Another website with lots of templates to choose from. CardStore also gives you the option of creating Christmas cards with four or more photos. Some of the card designs on this website are really lovely and show off the photos beautifully (so important when the most important part of the card is the photo). The prices are much the same as Shutterfly. Definitely worth a look.

Photo: Snowflakes Ribbon Christmas Card from Shutterfly