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Best Datastroyer For A Document Destruction Business

Running a Document Destruction Business? Searching for the best Data Destructing equipment? Getting the Right Type of Datastroyers is Absolutely Imperative to Running A Good Data Destroying Business.

Securing data is the key for the success of any business.This is why many top rated companies search for the best document destruction companies to destroy their confidential business data as they feel it is more economical and time saving and more secure that if they were to do it themselves.

When you are invested in a Document Destruction Business, you really need to have the best Data Destructing equipment. There are many disintegrators available on the market. But, Datastroyer equipment from Whitaker Brothers are becoming popular. Why not? They have been in the datastroyer business for over 65 years.

Their equipment undergo good quality assessment and performance evaluations before being put on the market. Datastroyer machines are built with industrial grade materials so they last for many years-decades even. As a document destruction company, you should own a high volume paper shredder, media destructive devices and a Data disintegrator. You will find here some of the best Datastroyer for a Document Destruction Business in different price ranges depending on the size of your business and some even for home use.


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Datastroyer 440 Data Disintegrator

Datastroyer 440 Data Disintegrator

Are you fed up of the noise from Data Disintegrator? Don’t worry, the Datastroyer 440 Data Disintegrator is equipped with full soundproofing. Being a popular model of Datastroyer Disintergrator, Datastroyer 440 is preferred by most data destroying businesses. The unit features an open slant cut rotor that improves air supply allowing the unit to operate without heat efficiently.

The energy consumption of this disintegrator is comparatively less thus it will not inflate your electric bills. This powerful disintegrator is constructed to meet all industrial standards. This unit is perfect for a document destruction company as the model is designed to perform heavy duty destruction. With its 40 HP motor and 16″ x 28″ throat opening, the unit is ready to give the best possible performance. You can get the Datastroyer 440 Data Disintegrator at a price of $34,210.00.

NORAZZA, INC. Data Destroyer, CD/DVD Data Shredder, Processes Up to 15 Disks/Minute(this is for more personal-at home use)


Garner PD-8500 Mobile Hard Drive Physical Destroyer

Datastroyer Degaussing Dynamic Duo

Datastroyer 360B/MC Data Disintegrator

Datastroyer 360B/MC Data Disintegrator:

Datastroyer 360B/MC Data Disintegrator is another excellent Disintegrator that is ideal for high volume multi-media destruction. The unit features 60 HP motor; if you need more power, you can upgrade the motor. Datastroyer 360B/MC comes with a master control panel and a Dual Fly wheel with Evacuation system. This powerful disintegrator has three rotor knives and two reversible bed knives for outstanding results. The cutting chamber measures 26” wide that can take up huge volume. Datastroyer 360B/MC Data Disintegrator costs $72,159.00. However, it is a smart investment for your data security business.

Datastroyer 360B/MC Data Disintegrator

Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator

Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator:

At a price of $131, 093.71 Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator is the ultimate machine for high volume central destruction. This machine can destroy old desktops and laptops-that’s how powerful it is. Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator is a very good unit for your document destruction business. The disintegrator is constructed of high quality material and if the price alone doesn’t tell you, your business will have this machine for decades. It’s built to last through all your data destruction needs. You can get the Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator at a price of $131,093.17.

Datastroyer Model 1000 Disintegrator

Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator

Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator:

Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator is a mid-sized model constructed with a bottomless filter evacuation system. This construction lends to maximum efficiency and high throughput. This powerful disintegrator features an advanced design that has front feed option. The high inertia flywheel and rotor allows low RPM operation and hence the energy consumption is low. The interior surfaces of this unit are machined smooth for easy cleaning.

Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator comes with feed rate meter. The bearings are double sealed and lubricated to make sure they long-last for downtime less performance. Unlike other disintegrator available in the market, this Datastroyer disintegrator features full Sound proofing within the unit. The system destructs not only papers, it can destruct DVDs, CDs, badges and other confidential things. Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator works with five rotor knives and two revisable bed knives. This excellent disintegrator runs on 25 HP motor which can be upgraded according to your needs. Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator is available at a price of $26,419.00.

Datastroyer 210 Disintegrator

Best Datastroyer paper Shredder and Datastroyer Media Shredder for a Document Destruction Business:

Datastroyer 1628 Strip Cut Shredder – 1628SC

Datastroyer 1628 Strip Cut Shredder - 1628SC:

Datastroyer 1628 is one of the largest and most efficient shredder design Datastroyer. The shredder features 16 inch throat so that you can feed even loosely stacked papers without any hassle. The strip cut shredder features 208 HP motor. It has automatic start/stop control.

The shredder shreds credit cards, floppy disks, CDs etc. It has 42 Gallon bin capacity which is quiet huge and perfect for a Document Destruction business. The shredder operates with minimal noise and free of maintenance. Datastroyer 1628 is also available in Cross cut model. You can get the Datastroyer 1628 Strip Cut Shredder at a price of $2,900.89.

Datastroyer 1628 Strip Cut Shredder – 1628SC

Datastroyer DS-3 High Security Deployment Paper Shredder – DS3

Datastroyer DS-3 High Security Deployment Paper Shredder - DS3:

If you are running a mobile Data destruction business, Datastroyer DS-3 High Security Deployment Paper Shredder is a perfect solution. The DS3 high security deployment features Level 6 shredding. This mobile paper shredder by Datastroyer weighs approximately 46 pounds. The shredder is constructed with quality industrial grade materials; hence it is durable. Datastroyer DS-3 High Security Deployment Paper Shredder – DS3 is available at a price of $2,000.

Datastroyer DS-3 High Security Deployment Paper Shredder – DS3

Datastroyer DCS 300 Light Office Disintegrator

Datastroyer DCS 300 Light Office Disintegrator:
A good datastroyer not only shreds paper, but it should shred different forms of media. To ensure completely security, media devices such DVDs, CDs, floppy disks, thumb drives, backup tapes, and hard drives should be destroyed if they have compromising information on them.
Datastroyer DCS 300 Light Office Disintegrator has both paper shred slot and a media slot for destruction. The disintegrator has a throughput of 100lbs/hour DoD and this equipment is NSA approved for level 6 shredding. This powerful media disintegrator can destruct 3,5000 CDs/ DVDs. The media slot has a 2”X9” opening. Datastroyer DCS 300 Light Office Disintegrator is available at a price of $11,629.00.

Datastroyer DCS 300 Light Office Disintegrator

Please note Datastroyer’s provide excellent customer service and this is also one of the reasons, why Datastroyer is one of the best in the industry. See

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