Best Day after Christmas clearance Sales 2012

About the Best Day after Christmas clearance Sales 2012

It has been an old time tradition to take advantage of Christmas sales but if inevitable events occur you can always rely on the best day after Christmas clearance sales 2012. Plus, post-Christmas is actually the time of the year when most shoppers exchange their gift cards into goods. Although Christmas sales can provide consumers with a higher percentage of savings, most retailers can still offer discounts during this week. Some retailers may even consider this the perfect week to throw-out a year-end clearance sale. It is actually a matter of knowing where to shop and knowing what to expect during this time of the year.

Pre VS Post-Christmas clearance sales

Did you know that there are items that have higher prices before Christmas and less afterwards? To give you a better view, here is a comparison on what to expect during sales before and after Christmas.

Basically, sales held before Christmas will offer you as high as 70% discount. This would range from various products including gift set personal care products, toys, winter apparels and home decors. But, there are also merchandises sold where in discounts are not applied. To name a few, appliances and electronic products would typically have lesser discounts. What about the best day after Christmas clearance sales 2012?

When it comes to post-Christmas clearance sales, you can still find items on sale. Some may only offer 50% discount while others can offer you higher discounts. There is actually a reason for this. By the time Christmas is over, holiday stocks that are not sold should be disposed to make room for new items or stocks. Since most of these Christmas products are seasonal, retailers offer year-end sales to dispose all old stocks. These year-end sales may even offer 80% discounts depending on the store and unsold items. However, there are some downsides when it comes to year-end sales.

What to expect during year-end clearance sales?

Clearance sales are all about selling all unsold stocks. Thus, shoppers must keep in mind that these items are limited and availability is not ensured. You can expect that most stocks would be limited in size, design and colors. This is very accurate especially for clothes and shoes items. In addition to that, there is no assurance that your desired item would still be available by the time you visit the store. For that reason, stores or retailers always apply the “first come, first serve” rule during this events.

Although by this time the quantity of shoppers would be decreased, you can still expect a crowd at the store. As you know, sales are 100% crowd catchers. Thus, you can expect that merchandises are not organized as they should be. You have to be meticulous in searching and inspecting products for any minor damages. Nonetheless, if you’re searching for the biggest discount offered, year-end sales maybe the place to start.

How to find clearance sales after Christmas?

The best way for you to find clearance sales is through advertisements whether posted online, via newspapers or fliers. Stores such as Wal-Mart, Macy’s, K-Mart, Target, Amazon and Best Buy are also known to offer post-Christmas sales of varying dates. You can check their ads or events for their best day after Christmas clearance sales 2012.