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Best Deals on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone under $200, a Steal?


Would you buy the new Samsung Galaxy 3S smartphone for under $200 even if you knew it was from an illegal source? Have your say

I would not buy it, especially if it came from an illegal source, because you are contributing to the problem of theft. I think that if you cannot afford something, you work and wait until you can, setting money back. Plus, in all of the rush of technology coming out, something new is always coming out, replacing the old. By waiting, the price will come down, the glitches will have been worked out, and money can be saved in order to make a legitimate purchase. Buying from thieves encourages and supports terrorism. Don’t believe me? Look up counterfeit purses and the Twin Towers. – Sunnyvale

The Galaxy s3 smartphone is one amazing phone. It is priced high but it had incredible technology. If I were given the option to buy this phone for a great discount price of less than $100 from an apparent illegal source, I would not buy this. The main reason I wouldn’t buy it is because I want to make sure I get the same warranty as if I buy the phone at regular price. Another thing is that I rarely trust other places because you never know if the thing you are buying is actually real. There are a few places that can replicate the phone almost to the T and you would never know if it was a fake until something happens and you try to have it repaired only to find out that it isn’t even real. Yes, $800 is a lot of money but for an item that will get lots of use and most likely will need a repair, I wouldn’t want to chance it. I will just work hard to save money to buy it from a reputable vendor. – Gendale, AZ

This Galaxy s3 smartphone is exactly what I have been waiting for. I currently own the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone and I love it more than any phone I’ve ever owned. I was lucky and got my Galaxy s2 for only $100 as a special sign-up deal at my phone carrier. I would buy the Galaxy s3 for under $200, probably not if it was from an illegal source though. I think that if it was from an illegal source, the phone would probably have issues or break at some point, which would be a waste of money. I wouldn’t spend $800 on it though either. I would look for some kind of deal or special at a phone store and wait until I could get it for a reasonable price. – Achorage, AK

This Galaxy s3 smartphone is one I would consider buying even if it was from a stolen source. I’m not really concerned where it came from as long as I get a good deal. Because, based on its specs, it looks like a real top of the line cell phone, I would really like to have one. It would be unfortunate if someone lost their cell phone because of me, indirectly. But, that can’t be helped. If I see a good deal on a nice cell phone like this one, I’m going to do everything I can to get it. – Livonia, MI

Best Deals on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone under 0, a Steal?
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