Best Dehumidifier with Built in Pump Reviews

#1 Friedrich D70BP Dehumidifier

This is an Energy Star rated efficient 70-pint dehumidifier which can drain up to 15 feet with the help of a built-in drain pump which can operate either horizontally or vertically. In addition it also has continuous drain operation. You can set the humidity level from 30% to 90% with its excellent water extracting capacity. The humidity level can be adjusted in increments of 5% compared to 10% in other dehumidifiers. You can drain water in numerous ways including an automatic mode through an internal condensate pump. A programmable timer makes it convenient for you to set it up when you are not around.

The best feature of the dehumidifier is that it can remove a volume up to 70 pints of moisture every day. The LCD panel is easy to read and displays the temperature, fan speed, humidity level and timer. There are indicators for easy maintenance like the bucket full indicator. When the bucket fills up completely the unit will shut down automatically until the water is drained out. You can also take the D70BP around easily due to its caster wheels and carry handles.

#2 Friedrich D50BP Dehumidifier

The D50BP is Energy Star qualified and is a 50-pint dehumidifier. It has a built-in drain pump and a continuous drain facility as well as a front bucket. The drain pump can pump condensation up to 15 feet as well as provide continuous drainage vertically or horizontally. The LCD display is conveniently placed on top for easy reach and shows the humidity level and room temperature. A 24-hour timer makes it easy to program the machine as per your convenience. The condensate bucket is removable and has a convenient handle for you to carry it.

The D50BP reduces harmful bacteria and odors in the area quite effectively. You can set the humidity from 30% to 90% relative humidity. It also has an automatic defrost cycle. Moving the machine around is very easy with it built-in casters. It comes with a 6-foot power cord and plugs into standard 114-volt outlets.

#3 SPT SD-72PE Dehumidifier

The SD-72PE is a 70-pint dehumidifier with a built-in pump and is Energy Star compliant. You can set it to a humidity level of 30% to 85% in increments of 5% which is good as compared to other machines which have increments of 10%. You can also opt for continuous drainage with this machine. In the event of a power outage the unit restarts automatically. The SD-72PE has indicators when there is a full bucket and also as a reminder for the washable air filter which makes it easy to keep the machine clean. The dehumidifier is highly portable due to its casters making it easy to move it.