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Best Desktop PC Options Other Than Windows

Windows is great to work with but this OS is not the only option as an OS. There are other OS options as well that are compatible with system and mobile devices, read on and find out what works for you.

We all agree that using the Microsoft Windows is not only convenient but also user-friendly. However, if you think that this is the only option for your desktop then you need to look further. There are other desktop PC options available for desktop computer that go beyond Windows. Let us discover some of the best desktop PC options available.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS is one such option that comes handy when you are looking for other options beyond Windows for your desktop computer. A complete file system is available that is designed to get stored locally. However, you would need to sync it to the cloud to utilize the storage option.

Chrome OS is great when it comes to storing, managing files and data retrieval. You need not worry about complicated process that is involved in copying files from external storage. Chrome OS can easily run without causing any lag on system and give you access to files on cloud within a few moments only.

The performance of Chrome OS can also be measured when you use the HP Chromebook 14 that runs on Celeron Haswell chipset with a RAM of 4GB on 4G service. Apps like Google Docs and Evernote run fast and the system boots up quickly.

Another benefit of using the OS is being able to take systems on remote and managing them on cloud. Additionally, getting updates is easier with the background system running simultaneously. All this makes managing systems easier. It is compatible with desktop PCs as well as mobile systems.


Android is the most simple and the best OS that you can ever opt for instead of Windows. The best part is its compatibility factor that helps you utilize numerous apps including Dropbox, Evernote and Skype. Another benefit is that the OS works well even with slow processors, especially mobile processors that are not fast but still adapt to it and run it. Android may become the ideal OS for device like HP Slate 21 Pro, as it is capable of performing even high-end tasks. Systems like these help in including security features and managing features that are essential for IT. The OS is compatible with apps like Mobilelron that is designed to manage systems. Android OS is one such OS that can run on mobile device and give you the advantage of transforming your device as a full-blown workstation. You can run it safely without any hassle on your Windows computers.

Ubuntu Desktop

When there are options like Linux that are a part of large organizations, it is imperative to say that Ubuntu is included too. The Ubuntu 13 is one such OS that helps in performing powerful search based on the criteria created by an end-user. This way whatever is researched online will fetch specific results. It is all possible by using the document library that helps in searching for a given phrase that is entered by a user.

The best part is that the OS has Office suite called the LibreOffice that provides all the necessary programs compatible with Microsoft Office. You can work with your Microsoft Office along with the program without posing any compatibility issues.

It is more about users pooling in resources that help in enhancing and improving the OS that is welcomed by its creators. It keeps the OS updated according to user requirements and helps them in making relevant changes. The OS is all about creating better security and staying ahead in technology.

Ubuntu is all about an interface that is for less geeky people, who prefer something light, easy to handle and user-friendly. It is highly compatible with Linux as it is capable of supporting numerous desktop applications as well as functionalities.

You will find it in the Dell XPS 13 (Developer Edition), running on Intel Haswell chipset. The system enables developers work with its pre-installed apps that are designed to serve the purpose.

It is not hard to understand that there are OS that are beyond Windows to work with and are system compatible too. You can choose accordingly and make it work to your benefit without feeling stuck with Windows. At the end, it is all about getting the best of both worlds and increasing productivity.

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