Best Diabetes Alert Bracelets with GPS and Vibrating Reminder Watches for the Elderly

The best diabetes alert bracelets with GPS and vibrating reminder watches for the elderly help to ensure that an older person gets the best medical treatment at all times. The timepieces that vibrate allow caregivers and patients to remember when medication should be taken or certain procedures should be done.

People who wear either of these aids can quickly notify others of any allergies they might have. This means if they meet in an accident and have to be treated with medication a physician will know what their history is and what may have caused their injuries.

Diabetics are prone to comas when their blood sugar level is abnormal. If they fall into this state, they may not be able to speak at all. Without this sort of ID, doctors have to go through several stages before they can confirm that the person may be in diabetic shock. Time lost in making a diagnosis results in additional injuries for the affected person.

Some older people with diabetes also have dementia and other medical conditions which lead to confusion. Bracelets that contain information on an elder’s identity help when someone wanders off or collapses in an unfamiliar environment. Concerned passers by or emergency health care workers can immediately contact the family and get someone to safety when necessary. If someone enters diabetic shock and cannot remember their name or is unable to communicate, this type of device can speak for them.

The LOK8U Freedom Wandering Prevention watch has GPS and a GSM locator which are better in this situation. It looks just like a regular digital watch so if you have an older relative with Alzheimer’s and want to avoid embarrassment, they won’t know what it’s for if you don’t tell them. It alerts you the minute your loved one steps out of the safe zone that you have set and makes it easy for you to find them. It is available on Amazon for $100.

Alarm medication reminder watches contain information on when drugs are to be taken. They have been successful in helping persons with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to stay on schedule. However young children and busy adults with other chronic conditions have also found them helpful.

Some people choose to use the watch developed by Cadex as an alternative to engraved alert jewelry because of this feature. They like knowing that they can concentrate on their work and trust their timepiece to beep when their pill is due. It also comes with a databank with your health history so physicians can get information on you quickly in an emergency. It is available on Amazon for $53.75.