News Best Digital Cameras under $100

Best Digital Cameras under $100


What about buying the best digital cameras under $100?

If you only have enough to buy a cheap camera, here are some great suggestions and reviews of inexpensive digital cameras. Most people with cameras costing $200 or $300 don’t even use many of the features that are offered. If you just want any old camera that will take pictures and can be used to share photos with families and friends, there is no need to spend more if you cannot afford to do so.

You don’t even have to be a professional photographer to be able to get great pictures from your digital camera. Manufacturers have made it very easy to be able to point and shoot and still get reasonable results.

Those who are not so young will remember the good old days when you have to wait for weeks before seeing the results of your holiday pictures. In those days, the photos can be so bad that you wish you could go back and take the pictures again. In today’s digital world, the cheapest digital cameras today will allow you to quickly delete any unwanted cameras and take the picture again and again.

Samsung ST65 14.2 MP Digital Camera (Dark blue)

Samsung is known to be a good brand when it comes to computers. They also have gone into the world of digital cameras. This camera can be purchased at Sears, Amazon and at other retailers for $90. What will really appeal to all those who like to take group photos is the wide angle feature and the 5x optical zoom. It comes with all the standard features you will expect from a modern digital camera. It is a very compact appliance and worth looking into.

VTech KidiZoom Plus 0.3 MP Digital Camera

There are times you want to buy a camera for your children but you are afraid they might damage it as soon has it comes out of the box. If that is part of your worries, you can check out the VTech kidizoom digital camera. This camera looks like a toy but it isn’t and it is built to withstand almost everything your children can throw at it. It is a cheap camera and will sure will make most children happy.

Olympus Stylus 7030 14 MP Digital Camera

Olympus stylus is another brand that offers affordable digital camera. This is a camera that might appear to be more expensive because of the design. However, this is a really reasonably priced camera from a good brand as well. You can pick one up for about $90 online. It comes with all the standard features you will expect from modern cameras like integrated flash, the possibility to film in high definition, enough megapixels to get quality pictures printed and many more.

The above cameras have the best reviews of any of the cheaper cameras. I would love to have included more, but may have one or two stars, and don’t represent good value for your hard-earned cash, so they are not included in the short list.

Best Digital Cameras under 0
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