Best Ditch Flowers for Maintenance Free Color

If you are looking for great color with no maintenance, these top ditch flowers are on your must-have list for filling a ditch with beauty. Any great ditch flower must meet these criteria. They must be easy to care for, easy to look at, and fill in the ditch so you don’t have to mow it or worry about competing plants. The varieties here will all do the trick.

Tiger Lily

tiger lily adds bright color to the ditch

If there ever was a classic ditch flower that seems to have been created just to fill this otherwise unused space, it must be the tiger lily. These bright and attractive lilies will slowly fill an area and bloom over an extended period of time.

They grow in thick and will keep weeds down while adding bright orange color with the familiar spotted petals that so many people have grown to love.

Tiger lily is easy to find and comfortable in a ditch that gets wet once in a while. In fact, it is this characteristic that makes them thrive. For some reason, these beauties look best when planted at the end of a ditch near a road entrance to a home or near a bridge, since that is where they tend to grow naturally.

Cat Tail

If your ditch has a lot of water, you need something that will grow to fill in the space but can take the wet feet that will come with the territory. A great native option for many areas is to get a bed of cattails going in this space.

These tall natives will slowly spread to fill in the area and allow you to forget mowing or trimming while offering attractive, brown spires and they are known for. The ‘blooms’ make great cut additions to floral arrangements and kids love to play with them.

These plants are more like an ornamental grass that anything, but they grow tall. That means they will not only fill the ditch with something other than weeds, they also offer an effective screen if that is desired.

When water is a big concern and you are not sure that normal ditch flowers will work, consider cattails to solve the issue.

Black Eyed Susan

When water is not a huge issue but it is vibrant colorful flowers for a ditch that you are looking for, look no further than the bright and cheery black-eyed susan. These natives are comfortable almost anywhere, and a big ditch is no exception.

Black-eyed susan, or rudbeckia as they are more properly called, don’t mind a dry ditch and will do well in just such an environment, so if you lack a wet – don’t worry – this native will do quite well with the rain that falls.

The best part about rudbeckia is that the color lasts a very long time. The plants will literally be covered with yellow blooms from summer through early fall, and the plants are tough enough to stand up to wind and whatever else nature throws at them.

Ornamental Grass

While cattails are a form of grass, sometimes you want a grass that is more polished, or you have an area that is not as wet as another. In this case, a native ornamental grass is a terrific idea.

Ornamental grasses grow fast and will fill in an area. They also keep the weeds at bay. Many will grow just fine in a dry spot but will not mind the spring wet season either, making them fine choices for a ditch planting.

It is always a nice surprise to see the blooms arrive in summer and it’s relaxing to watch them sway in the summer breeze, but the benefit doesn’t stop there. Many grasses will hold their blooms through winter, adding interest to the winter landscape. Pick a variety made for your zone and let it fill in.

Ditch Flowers Make a Difference

For those that have a ditch to deal with, attractive plantings can really make a difference. This is especially true in ditches that are dry or wet and where grass either won’t grow well or mowing is a pain due to the slope.

Don’t work too hard. Plant a hearty native like these choices and fill your ditch with carefree beauty. They are the best ditch flowers around for maintenance free blooms.