Best Drawing App for iPad

The best drawing app for the iPad depends a lot on what you are looking for in terms of price, quality and option. Certain drawing apps are much more suited towards children, while other drawing apps are better for professionals in the art industry. On the other hand, some drawing apps can be user friendly for artists of all ages. Below, I have listed the top drawing apps in descending order for the Apple iPad.

5. Sketchbook Pro ($4.99) is the perfect iPad app for any serious artist because of its powerful functions and drop-dead gorgeous interface. It is easy to create a simple sketch or compose something more complex with its high quality brushes and tools. Sketchbook Pro can be used by any professionals in the following fields: Illustration, Graphic Arts, Industrial Design, Automotive, Manufacturing and Architecture. If you are hesitant about purchasing this app, there is a free trial that is available.

4. Brushes ($7.99) by Steve Sprang is an equally powerful, yet more accessible app compared to Sketchbook Pro. Brushes can be used by kids or professionals and is perfect for drawing, painting and scribbling. The app comes with 19 high quality brushes, 6 layers and the ability to import photos of any size and scale.

3. Artist’s Touch ($4.99) is quite an impressive app that allows anyone—regardless of their drawing skills—to create astounding pieces of art. Although, the app contains a “photo-paint” algorithm tool that helps to guide your painting, you are able to still retain your own uniqueness in all of your artworks.

2. iDraw ($8.99) is more technical than the other apps listed above and is ideal for those who are interested in vector-drawing and illustration. It can be used by anyone, from professional graphic designers to someone who is creating wood-working projects in the garage.

1. Drawing Pad ($1.99) by Darren Murtha Design is the best drawing app for kids. It is by the far the simplest app to use on this list and can even be utilized by kids with disabilities such as autism. In addition to the vast drawing options, the support for this app is one of a kind and the developers are very open to feedback. Drawing Pad is not only for kids, and can be used by adults as well. If you are thinking about purchasing your first drawing app and are lost in a sea of options, this will be the app that I recommend you purchase. It is the cheapest on the list and will give you a good feel for how a great drawing app functions on your iPad.