Best Dyson Digital Slim Attachments: 5 Awesome Accessories for the DC35, DC44 & DC59

Top Rated Dyson Digital Slim Attachments & Accessories

Do you have or are thinking of getting a Dyson Digital slim cordless vacuum: a Mk.1 (being the DC35), Mk. 2 (being the DC44) or Mk.3 (the DC59 Animal) and are wanting to enhance the cleaning functionality of it yet further? If so, from the following showcase — you are sure to find some greater cleaning attachment tools that will give you an even greater edge when it comes to cleaning your household.

#5 Dyson Stubborn Dirt Bristle Brush

The stubborn dirt brush utilizes extra strong nylon bristles that are double layered — it acts to remove tough dug-in dirt stains from soft and hard floors through propping up the dirt and then performing a flicking motion to loosen it & then sucked up into the bin container.

Rating: 90% (sourced | Price: $20 | Weight: 6.4 ounces

#4 Dyson Soft Dusting Brush

In contrast to the stubborn dirt brush, this brush attachment is for delicate cleaning. It is integrated with super soft & fine nylon bristles that clean away fine dust & dirt particles from delicate surfaces. You can use the soft dusting brush in full confidence that you won’t risk scratching either TV screens, computer monitors or ornaments etc. An awesome little device that comes in very useful.

Rating: 86% (sourced | Price: $30 | Weight: 10.4 ounces

#3 Dyson Mini Motorized Tool

This the specialized pet hair turbine attachment made specifically for the cordless Dyson range. It effectively removes pet hair & other pet remains from both hard floor and soft floor surfaces (if you buy a Dyson digital slim, you will already have this attachment). But, the alternative use is that it is particularly useful for — is when you alter the Digital slim and change it into a handheld vacuum (then attach the motorized tool) and clean out your car or for use on your stairs.

Rating: 90% (sourced | Price: $70 | Weight: 1 lb

#2 Dyson Mattress Upholstery Tool

This is personally my favorite & no.1 cleaning attachment, because it mainly gets used for quickly vacuuming the furniture before friends come around and is just incredibly versatile in general, due to being lightweight with an awesome pick up rate. It helps with pick up of dirt, dust and pet hairs from your beds, stair ways, small rugs and much more.

Rating: 84% (sourced | Price: $30 | Weight: 5.6 ounces

#1 Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool

This is easily the best and most popular attachment to buy with your Dyson digital slim vacuum, as it makes cleaning hard floors about 10 times easier due to it having a more flexible cleaning head (due to it being able to articulate at 180 degrees) as well as an extremely effective pick up of dust, pet hair from any time of hard flooring (it is noted to work particularly well on laminate & tiled based floors). If you are to get any attachment, this has to be it.

Rating: 86% (sourced | Price: $50 | Weight: 14.4 ounces

You should also check out the Dyson cordless cleaning kit bundle where you can get the wide nozzle tool, soft brush tool and stubborn bristle brush for under $60 — so essentially by buying in bulk you can get a decent discount, saving yourself over $30 altogether.

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