Best Electric Toothbrush for Gum Recession: Treating & Preventing Receding Gums

Top Rated Power Toothbrushes that Prevent Gum Recession

As Dr Norman (2011) states in ‘Gingival Recession: Its Cause and Cure‘, in prevention of further receding gums (in some cases) — only brush your teeth softly with ‘non-abrasive toothpastes’. In the particular case of electric tootbrushes only use a ‘very light touch in order to allow the brush to do the work for you’ — hence below we look at three specialized & quality electric toothbrushes that offer a specific sensitive and soft mode, which can be used to help treat & prevent gum recession.

Important Note: If you are suffering with gum recession, it is very important that you visit the dentist & follow their specific advice on how to treat it, as they are in the best position to know what’s most effective for your specific situation. There are several different ways & causes in which gum recession can manifest and with each of these there is a different treatment & it is also dependent on the condition of your gums as well.

#1 Oral B Professional Healthy Clean Precision 5000

Firstly, ‘Oral B is the #1 dentist recommended electric toothbrush brand’ with all their toothbrushes being professionally inspired (even down to the shape of the brush, so you can engage in tooth by tooth cleaning) and the 5000 is their leading model — you are really taking oral cleaning to the next level with this.

It performs 40,000 pulsations and 8,800 oscillations every 60 seconds, that is 50% more than the Philips Sonicare toothbrushes — resulting in even a 100% better plaque removal, when compared to a standard manual toothbrush.

How Does the Precision 5000 Specifically Help Treat Gum Recession

But, what is particularly important for when it comes to gum recession is two specific factors: firstly you can choose the specific brush type (where each has a slightly different purpose), in our case we are looking for a soft brush so the Oral B sensitive gum care clean and if your Dentist has already done any dental work — the Oral B power tip would be an excellent choice (remember with regards to how often you should change your tooth brush head, it should be every 3 months at least). Then secondly, the cleaning mode in which you can select the sensitive mode for gentle cleaning & massage mode to simulate the gums.

Also, particularly useful is that it judges how hard you are brushing your teeth (a common cause of gum recession is through brushing teeth too vigorously) — and will give you a visual indicator to let you know & if you persist in a similar manner in the way you are brushing you teeth the pulsations will eventually stop. A very useful feature for this case.

There are a number of other beneficial features too, as said it is proven to help reduce plaque and prevent gingivitis from occurring, it also lets you know how long you should be cleaning for within ‘in handle timer’ of two minutes (through an audible alert). Moreover, like the sensitive & massage mode it also comes with deep clean, whitening, floss & polish mode. It also comes with a smart guide, which is like an LCD console display, to let you know how your getting on with your cleaning & is there to basically encourage good cleaning habits i.e it tells you ‘how to clean your teeth like a dentist’ — it even reminds you when the brush head needs changing. Note: a single charge can last you around 10 days (40 mins in total).

In all, it has to be considered one of the best toothbrushes for gingivitis and receding gum treatment — even if its just down to the sheer customary points — where you can specifically address your dental problems through carefully selecting the right cleaning mode & the right tooth brush (as we did above for sensitive and soft cleaning to help with gum recession).The Oral B 5000 is my winner for the best toothbrush for gum recession. For more detailed information on the Oral B 5000.

#2 Philips HX6972 Flexcare Plus Electric Power Toothbrush

Another honorable mention for a very decent electric toothbrush (also being priced around the $150+ mark) to deal with receding gums is the HX6972 flexcare plus electric toothbrush from Philips, which has been clinically proven to ‘decrease gum bleeding and help prevent gum recession’. This is because the flexcare plus cleans right up against the gum line to simultaneously remove plaque and stimulate gums, with regular usage you can improve gum health in ‘just two weeks’.

The Flexcare plus hosts a range of oral cleaning modes such as the specialized gum care mode – that dedicates a minute solely to cleaning problem areas around the gum line as well as a unique massage mode – which improves gum health through forcing fluids in and around teeth to attack plaque and invigorate gums (along with a sensitive mode). It also comes with UV brush head sanitizing station to ensure the brush heads are hygienic — killing 99% of bacteria and viruses on the brush head. Again, another awesome power brush that you should certainly check out more on what it has to offer.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of the best electric toothbrush for gum recession then please leave them below & if you have found this article useful at all, please do leave a like or share — it will be much appreciated.