Best Electronics Report: Don't Buy JBL Charge Bluetooth Portable Speaker Until You Read This

The JBL charge is a new portable mini speaker, which is released in the year 2012. Now, it is a high rating (4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon), compact Bluetooth portable speaker and capable to produce stereo sound with exceptional bass.

JBL charge bluetooth portable speaker
The JBL charge speaker has high battery life and also streams music wirelessly. JBL charge is different from other Bluetooth portable speakers. It can act as an external charge source which enables to recharge your mobile devices. So, it got a nickname “JBL charge”.

They have a specially designed body which works perfectly in either in horizontal or vertical positions. It also provides high durability and portability to this small speaker.

The specifications of JBL charge and JBL flip are seems to be same, but it is much improved from the JBL Flip with well positioned bass ports. The different positions of bass ports help to produce loud, stereo sound with amazing clarity.

They are also available in different colors. In my choice, blue looks pretty good. JBL charge is cylindrical designed speaker with size 50mm wide by 150mm long. It contains two 41mm full range drivers with 5 watt amplifier. This speaker is very small and weight is enough to feel like a solid.

The built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery (6000 Ah) has high-capacity to hold charge more than 12 hrs. The micro-USB charging allows the JBL charge to recharge while playing. The Wireless Bluetooth connection lets you stream music from multimedia devices without any interference. Wide range Bluetooth drivers always help to stay with JBL charge, whether your device away from it.

Let’s take a look around the pros and the cons of JBL Charge Bluetooth portable speaker.

The Pros

  • It is capable to produce high quality stereo sound with good bass
  • High battery life; Playback time more than 12 hrs
  • It acts as an external battery for recharging the mobile devices
  • The Bluetooth connectivity enables to stream the music wirelessly
  • Highly durable and portable body design

The Cons

  • No Speaker phone capabilities

Overall, JBL charge Bluetooth portable speakers are one of the best and high rating product. Many people are doubt about the capabilities of portable mini speakers. But, JBL Charge is quite a different one from the others. This small speaker can generate stereo quality, loud sound with exceptional bass. The only con is the absence of speaker phone capabilities. But, it is not a problem as compared with the features of JBL charge. It is a recommended speaker for who wants an audio powerhouse.

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