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Best Elliptical Machines for Bad Knees

Top Rated Ellipticals for Knee Problems

If you are looking to get slimmer, healthier and fitter through working out on an elliptical machine within you’re own home, then great! However, you may feel that your bad knees & the difficulties they can cause you, might hold you back somewhat & be a ‘fitness’ issue. Well that may be so with some of the more basic and standard elliptical machines out there, but this ‘best ellipticals for bad knees’ showcase offers three very sophisticated & supportive ellipticals machines (although are that bit more expensive) that provide ultra low impact & high support and comfort for all your joints, especially knees.

#1 Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical Machine

This SOLE E95 is simply one of the best elliptical machines out there to provide you with support for your knees & other joints as well as an intensive cardio workout. With regards to ergonomic technology & features: it is fitted with heavy duty, whisper quiet drive system i.e a 34 lb fly-wheel works in conjunction with a high gear ratio that acts to allow you a ‘fluid’ & smooth motion, mimicking actual exercises. This is all based on a heavy duty framework providing you with complete sturdiness and is strong enough to accommodate a max user capacity of 400 lbs.

How the E95’s Ergonomic Foot Pedals Help With Bad Knees

The over-sized 15 inch pedals have also been designed with a high degree of specialization (with a team of leading physical therapists) that are produced with a precise two degree inward slope for the foot pads to dramatically ‘reduce ankle and knee stress’ that’s found in many other elliptical machines. They also articulate to adapt to your natural stride, thereby preventing the ‘numb toe effect’ and causing joint tendons to sore up.

The E95 also offers ‘advanced sensors’ built into the handle bars that reads out your heart rate through the backlit LCD console system that also readouts all other vital workout metrics (e.g. distance traveled, calories burned) — which can be displayed through graphs via its matrix system. Moreover, you can access a range of specialized workout programs through it as well (heart rate programs, custom ones and so on). It also comes with a mega warranty coverage: a life time on the frame, five years with electronic components and two year labor costs. In all, the E95 is a fantastic elliptical machine.

Rated: 90% (sourced amazon.com) | Dimensions: 27 x 62 x 83 inches | Weight: 215 lbs

#2 Horizon Fitness EX-69

Another very highly regarded elliptical machine (although a fair bit cheaper than the other two) is the EX-69, a sixstar certified machine — which means it has ‘zerograp’ & ‘straightup’, which are ergonomic design that prevents pain to your hips and promotes good body posture to minimize fatigue. Moreover, it has a low 10 inch step, to make it easy for you to both ‘get on’ & ‘get off’ the elliptical with an assisted handle bar spacing to suit large and little sized users.

It offers you 10 workout programs, surround sound speaks (allowing you listen to music aloud, so you can zone in on the workout), a strong commercial fame and 14.3 lb front drive system to offer a natural motion workout. A more affordable elliptical, that is great at taking care of your joints (especially your knees, hips and back).

Rated: 82% (sourced amazon.com)

#3 HCI Recumbent Elliptical

If you have particularly bad knees, this is the model I highly recommend, its expensive, but nothing will quite take care of you like the RXT-1000 will. It is an innovative hybrid elliptical model (as you can see from the image), it allows you a completely ‘stress-free’ and ultra low impact fully body workout. Everything aspect from the seat to contoured non-slip large foot plates have been ergonomically designed to offer you the utmost in comfort and support. Micro-fit adjustments on your seat, handles, back rest mean it can perfectly be crafted to your body.

Granted, its main priority is to keep you completely secure and supported, but it is also more than capable of providing you with an intense cardio workout — where you can select from 16 resistance levels and over 10 workout programs from the large LCD high res display system.

Rated: 92% (sourced amazon.com)

Which Low Impact Elliptical Machine to Buy?

My first choice model would be the Sole E95 if you have relatively bad knees, however if that is a bit too expensive then the next best thing is the Horizon Fitness EX-69. But, if your knees are particularly bad then considering a recumbent hybrid elliptical is the way to go and they don’t get any better in terms of quality and value than the HCI Fitness PhysioStep RXT-1000. But which elliptical machine will you buy and why (let me know in the comments below)?

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the showcase of the best elliptical machines for bad knees then please make them below. Furthermore, if you have found this list useful please be sure to give it a like (heart) or share — will be much appreciated.

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