Best Espresso Machine for the Money

If you enjoy waking up to a cup of coffee in the morning, then you know how important it is to have the right machine for the job. You may already have a standard coffee maker that does an adequate job of getting you your daily cup of java, but there may be more that you have been missing out on.

In order to get truly superior-quality coffee that will help you start your day off right, you need an espresso machine. But how do you know which is the right sort of machine to buy? In this guide, we will help you select the best espresso machine for the money or if you want to jump straight to Amazon, click here for more reviews.

Breville BES900XL Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Breville BES900XL Dual Boiler Semi Automatic Espresso MachineUnlike commercial coffee machines, this espresso machine is rather on the spendy side, coming in at approximately $1,200, it is loaded with numerous features that make the price tag seem rather small.

First, there are two separate boilers in the machine, so that you can adjust the settings according to your preferences. The brew boiler ranges from 190 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit depending on which type of beans you are using, and the steam boiler allows you to get steam the instant you want it. Not only can you control the temperature of your coffee, but you can also control the overall flavor, see more features here.

The 15-bar pumping system in the Breville BES900XL ensures that no bitter flavors enter your coffee mixture as your brew it. You will simply get delicious, quality coffee every time with no hassles or waste. Plus, if you don’t want to worry about having too much or too little coffee in the brew, you should know that the pressure in the machine increases over time, so that the right amount of coffee and flavor get extracted every time, see more reviews here.

Philips Saeco RI9737/21 Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine

Philips Saeco RI9737/21 Vienna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine, GraphiteIf you are a bells and whistles sort of person, then the Philips Saeco espresso machine is definitely the right choice for you. There are all sorts of buttons that allow you to adjust the settings of the machine according to your preferences. For instance, there is a button for coffee, a button which allows you to control how much coffee gets put into the cup, a button for controlling the steam levels, and more.

You can put up to 12 ounces of coffee beans at a time in this machine, and you can manually choose to adjust how finely ground you want the beans. The finer you ground them, the more flavor you will get from them, see more features here.

The 57-ounce water tank is also fully-removable, so all you have to do is disconnect it and wash it. Maintenance on this machine is extremely quick and easy, so there isn’t much of a mess to contend with—no matter how many times you use it as a home or office coffee machine, see more reviews here.

La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola Espresso Machine

La Pavoni EPC-8 Europiccola 8-Cup Lever Style Espresso Machine, ChromeThe La Pavoni espresso machine is made entirely out of chrome, which means that it will look beautiful amongst all your other kitchen décor, and it is extremely durable, so it will last you for quite a long time.

It also includes a tamper, screen, ladle, and even a special attachment for a cappuccino. This is excellent for anyone who wants the highest-quality Italian espresso and wants to have full manual control over the settings on their machine, see more features here.

The internal thermostat on this machine works to continuously monitor all the pressure that is building up inside of the La Pavoni machine. This ensures that your espresso is brewed to perfection—just the way you want it. You can also choose to brew one or two cups at a time, depending on what settings you place the machine on, see more reviews here.

All of these coffee machines will provide you with the best-tasting drinks for a great price. Although some of them are pretty high up on the price ladder, their features more than make up for the huge price tag. They are all capable of giving you great tasting coffee, they have manual settings so you can choose exactly how long you want your coffee to brew, and how it should taste.

A trained eye knows if a machine is top rated or not by just looking at the espresso machine logo. Any one of these machines could definitely be considered the best espresso machine for the money. if you want more top rated espresso machines, click here for more reviews.