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Best Essential Oils for Acne and Beautiful Skin

Essential oils are often used for mental health, however, they are also used to combat skin problems like acne. The benefits of essential oils for acne is that they help to eliminate while keeping skin soft and healthy. Sensitive skin resent environmental changes and some creams do not help. Some essential oils are able to fight acne without the side effects of drugs that are currently available.

This article is focused on the benefits for using essential oils to have beautiful skin, but if you’re looking for more articles about the health and wellness properties, I recommend starting with the 10 best essential oils for healing.

Can You Use Essential Oils for Acne and Skincare?

Essential oils and fats are not, therefore, they do not obstruct the pores of the skin which causes blackheads. Before you attack those forms of acne, you should first, learn more about blackheads. In fact, essential oils treat acne gently, without damaging the skin and without cons-indications to the body. The following list of essential oils will help you fight acne, remove skin blemishes and reduce wrinkles prematurely.

The best treatment that you can consider for your skin without the risk of drying or instead of closing the fat is to use essential oils. They will make your skin healthy by a simple application on the face with a diluted oil massage and slow and light fingertips. You can even mix some essential oils that offer below

Clary Sage for Clearing Up Acne

The essential oil of clary sage is extracted from its leaves that mimic significantly body’s own hormones. The use of clary sage is often used to fight against acne that comes from hormonal imbalances. The essential oil can act as a precursor for the body to balance hormones.

Using Eucalyptus to Fight Blackheads

Eucalyptus helps to fight blackheads. It cleans the skin thoroughly and free of parasites and harmful bacteria. Skin cleansing properties help free stubborn blackheads, releasing underlying sebum from blocked pores. This enables the skin to breathe and exfoliate naturally without and dead skin cells blocking pores.


Lavender, another essential oil for acne, is considered versatile, because its use is in the treatment of acne care mental-related fatigue. Lavender is good for the skin, calms the mind and soothes the muscles after exercise while promoting relaxation. It should not be discounted that ones overall appearance has an affect on mental health and our attitudes and perspectives can manifest themselves as anxiety, which can be expressed in the digestive system or skin. For example, have you ever heard of someone having a tummy ache because of stress, or a rash, or itchiness as a result of anxiety? Happens all the time.

Lemon for Improved Skin Balance

The effects of lemon help to regenerate the mind and restore the natural balance of the skin. Lemon essential oil is known to eliminate acne and skin blemishes. After applying lemon, avoid overexposure to the sun which could cause discoloration of the skin.


Myrrh essential oil is a popular and ancient which has been used as a salve to treat wounds and scars. It can be used to treat skin rashes and acne. Myrrh is used to remove warts, which are often created by a sub-skin virus and bacteria that cause acne.


Patchouli, which has a wonderful scent, activates the skins own natural oils for a healthy glow, reducing skin stretching and wrinkling. It is a good essential oil that helps to find a nice complexion, fight acne and even facilitates healing. It is often used in moisturizer and perfume smell like to relax.

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