News Best Ever Champagne Cocktails

Best Ever Champagne Cocktails


Best Ever Champagne CocktailsIn order for you to host a great party, you need to make cocktails readily available to satisfy your guests. Serving some nice cocktails will not be possible of course without getting some essentials . With these , you are on your way to hosting a great party whether big or small.

1. Plenty of ice

2. Whiskey

3. Wines


5. Beers



8. Tequila

9. Bourbon

10. Vermouth



13. Liqueur

It is also important to get cocktail mixers like ginger ale, cola seltzer,orange juice, tonic water and tomato juice to name just a few.Serving glasses- tall glasses, cocktail glasses, wine glasses. You will also need to get a strainer, stirrer and something to squash fruits in the glasses with.Not forgetting also, attractive finishing touches like lavender, rosemary, oranges, lines, lemons, apples. With all these in place, you are now set to make some tasty cocktails and host great parties.

When it comes to champagne, there is always something special about it.It is always advised to chill the serving glass before use. Here are some of the best picks that are also quite easy to prepare.


Chilled champagne

1/2 tsp blackberry sorbet

1 tbsp raspberry Liqueur

Raspberry fruits

Mix all ingredients together carefully and serve with ice and blackberry fruits in a serving glass.


3 oz chilled Champagne

1/2 tsp Cognac

1 oz strawberry syrup

Strawberry fruits

Pour the champagne and cognac into a cocktail glass then add strawberry syrup and strawberry fruits . Serve.


Chilled Champagne

1/2 ounce blackcurrant Liqueur

Lemon peel to garnish

Pour the champagne into serving glass and add the liqueur. Serve with a peel of lemon to garnish.


1 ounce Vodka

1 ounce Liqueur

Chilled Champagne

Raspberry fruits

1 ounce chilled pineapple juice

Mix the Vodka, Liqueur and pineapple juice and pour into champagne serving glasses. Add the champagne and faspberry to garnish. Serve.


Chilled Champagne

3 dashes Angostura Bitters

1 sugar cube

Lemon twist to garnis

Soak sugar cube in bitters then drop into champagne glass. Pour in the champagne and add the lemon twist to garnish, serve.

Best Ever Champagne Cocktails
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