Best Fat Loss Workout Routines For Busy Moms

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There are always people comes in the wrong way when it comes to burning body fat and losing weight. They ended up with disappointing and not visible results after few weeks or some cases they able to lose up to several pounds off the bat but quickly quit due to lack of motivation and patient to continue the tough weight lose journey. Both of these occurrences always lead to failure and frustration.

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Are you looking for easiest fitness workout to lose your belly fat and increase metabolism without spent long hour drive to gym? Searching for best fat loss exercises that can help on weight lose for busy women such as housewife, business women or mum? Try some of these tips that can help to slim, toned and firm your abdominal and lower body areas fast.

Prisoner Squat
These is an effective weight lose workout for women that busy with their daily routine. First place hands behind your head, follow by keep elbow back and squat down halfway to the ground. Then, raise your shoulder blades together and push your hips back to squat your back and legs. Repeat the same movement 10-20 times depend on your fitness level.

Push-up Plus
It’s a regular workout but add-on with little extra step which push round your upper back and make your shoulder blades move out from each other. Repeat 4-12 reps depend on individual stamina.

Split Squat
Step one foot around 2 feet in front with another foot 1 feet behind of your body. Place it like stationary lunge position. Follow by bend your back knee and drop your hips on the floor. Slowly push up using muscles of the lead legs. You can use the wall as support if you feel unbalance. Repeat the same step again 5-12 rep depend on individual strength.

Walk or Slow Jogging
Another great cardio exercise that can burn calories fast is walking. You don’t need any equipment or fitness tool to help you out. You can pick a nice scenery park to walk at least 10-20 minutes daily. To improve cardiovascular system, you can have a slow jogging at a brisk place.

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Best Fat Loss Workout Routines For Busy Moms, Seekyt
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