Best Flavorstone Review Cookware as seen on TV

Flavorstone cookware is an advanced cookware that is easy to clean, light weight, nice looking as far as cookware goes and what you get for the money is incredible and this is my Flavorstone review.

If you want to get great value for your hard earned money Flavorstone cookware is worth looking at. When it comes to kitchen cookware Flavorstone is a very advanced line that can be used on a gas stove or an electric stove, on ceramic and even induction surfaces.

Most non-stick cookware companies state that you don’t need to use oil or butter using their sets but you end up having food burnt and stuck to the bottom of the pan anyways. With Flavorstone cookware you can use a minimal amount of oil or butter or if you choose you can forego cooking with butter or oil and you will end up with a pan or pot that is easy to clean and nothing sticking to the bottom.

Flavorstone Blue Sapphire Gourmet Set

Benefits and tips for using Flavorstone Cookware

When using Flavorstone it is recommended you only cook at low or medium heat. Surprisingly using Flavorstone at medium heat when you might use high heat on another brand of cookware is as high as you need to turn the elements up and you will even reduce cooking time because of Flavorstone’s extremely conductive base. This will save you from burning food to the pan and in the long run saves you money when you don’t have to turn the cooking elements to high. This is all possible because of the aluminum alloy base core which makes the excellent conductivity and perfect heat distribution because of a stainless steel induction base.

As mentioned previously Flavorstone requires little to no cooking oil or butter so you can enjoy the foods actual flavour due to the Sapphire non-stick surface.

Flavorstone cookware can be used on all stove surfaces but is not to be placed into an oven. The handles on this cookware are not made to withstand extreme heat.

You don’t have to worry about what substances you are ingesting if the pan or pot gets scratched like you do with other cookware sets new or especially older sets.

A couple of what I think are the best pros about the Flavorstone cookware sets is they are highly durable and abrasion resistant and what sold me on getting a set was the fact that the pans and pots are very easy to clean, no scrubbing or soaking just wash and or just wipe and dry and in the kitchen cupboard they go. Never use abrasive pads or materials to clean this cookware. Good news for those of you to busy or possibly too lazy to clean or I should say just wipe out your pans is that you can wash Flavorstone in the dishwasher whenever you want.

Flavorstone is designed to last for years, which adds to the value of this product. They could definitely charge more for this cookware but the sets are fairly priced so any household income can take advantage of this product and improve their experience in the kitchen.

Flavorstone is PFOA free. What this means to you is that you don’t have to worry about developmental issues and other adverse conditions. PFOA can be found in products like other cookware, microwave popcorn bags, household dust, some carpet cleaning liquids and some stain resistant carpets and even some foods but where you won’t find PFOA is in Flavorstone cookware. PFOA stands for perfluorooctanoid acid which is a synthetic man made chemical. Your family’s safety and health is worth the small investment for this set just because it doesn’t contain PFOA.


Lastly you can’t beat the price that this product sells at. Putting things into perspective for you if you think you can’t afford a set of Flavorstone Cookware whether you decided to buy the essential or the larger gourmet set that if you put 2 or 4 dollars a day aside you would have your new cookware set paid off in 60 days or less.

I know you will enjoy your new set of Flavorstone cookware. I hope this Flavorstone review has helped you in your decision.