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Best Free Guided Meditation Downloads

Meditation is a method of relaxation and concentration that many people find helpful to center their soul and look within their bodies and learn to take control of their emotions and feelings.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get these, as there are both free and paid meditation CDS, videos and other media that you can choose from.

Here is a listing of some of the best free guided meditation downloads that you can find online. Some of these are audio and some of these are videos:

Free Audio Guided Meditation Downloads
Guided meditations are available for download at Audio Harma. There are 30 downloadable meditations here that include some to treat pain, depression, forgiveness, remembrance, etc. You can easily use the drop down menu to find the one you want by teacher or by using the handy search box.
Free guided meditation downloads will help you to concentrate and relax as you listen to it and learn more about guided meditation.

Guided Chakra Video Meditations
If you are interested in learning about the body’s chakras and the colors that they are represented with, then you will like this example of one of the free guided meditation downloads. It is done with a woman leading the meditation on the video to show the users how to properly meditate.

Flower Chakra Mediation is another example of a chakra type of guided mediation method. It also uses color, along with flowers, to help lead you through the video using a female guide to help you to process the sequence and use it correctly.

Guided Meditation for Kids
Do your children also want to learn about guided mediation? If the child is old enough, meditation can also help them to be less stressed or depressed, as these days with all that is happening in the world, kids can also need some help learning how to relax.

Here are some examples of free guided meditation downloads for kids that you can use to teach them about this relaxing method.

More Videos for Guided Meditation
Born in the Heart’ by Lex van Someren, is a 10 minute video using energy, music and light. It also uses charkra meditation in this relaxing choice from amongst the best free guided meditation downloads.
Cosmic Energy Activation Style of Mediation. – In this free download, you will be shown a gold ring to visualize that is supposed to help you to have harmony and be relaxing along with some added music. The video guide will help you to learn all about using the gold ring method to get more energy. It lasts about five minutes.
Cosmic Energy Mediation Video. This meditation video has birds, ocean sounds, waves, etc., to help you learn to relax and meditate. It lasts about eight minutes.

Find Your Spiritual Guide. If you ever wanted to find your very own spiritual guide, than this meditation video is just for you. It lasts eight minutes and has a woman guide to lead the user through the process.
Experience your own divinity. In this example of one of the free guided meditation downloads you can get if you want to find out how to discover divinity in your life. It uses a male guide to help you through the process as you meditate in peace and quiet.

Get some spiritual growth in your life using this guided mediation for the next 10 minutes. You will be taught how to breathe, relax, and visualize in a way that will help you get more focus into your being.
All in all, no matter which of these types of guided meditation downloads that you choose, meditation has been shown to be very helpful both physically and mentally by several health care professionals. It can help with depression, pain, awareness, and all sorts of other mental and physical issues if used correctly and according to the guides’ directions.

This is especially true if you use these, as they don’t leave you hanging and not knowing how to do the meditation. They all have expert meditation guides to show you the way to properly use these meditation techniques in the videos and CDs.

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