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5 Best Free Makeup Samples By Mail

If you love cosmetics but don’t want to spend money then you need to know about the top 5 best free makeup samples by mail, there are make-up sites and make-up companies like Samples from Sephora that offer beauty cosmetics with free shipping and you don’t have to fill out any surveys and there’s no catch either.

Big cosmetics companies give away freebies which include foundation, eyeliner, and mascara and even on some occasion’s perfume. I have included my top 5 best makeup samples by mail list so that you can look your best without spending too much money.

Companies Giving Free Makeup Samples by Mail

Big companies like Max Factor, L’Oreal and Maybelline are practically giving stuff away to win you as a customer. The cosmetics industry is one of the biggest in the UK and US and these make-up companies are competing against each other so that they get your loyalty. You too can get free stuff, no credit cards needed! All you have to do is go direct to Max Factor, L’Oreal and Maybelline and email them for any cosmetics that they are giving away. The reason I have included this as one of my top 5 best free makeup samples by mail is because this works!

Best Department Stores for Free Cosmetic Samples

Another great way to get beauty cosmetic products as freebies is to go direct to department stores like Debenhams, Selfridges and even Harrods. These department stores are pumped full of cosmetics by the main make-up companies so there are lots of stuff up for grabs. I remember going to town once and return with a big bag full of perfumes and cosmetics, this is definitely something that should be considered as the top 5 best free makeup samples by mail. Target free Makeup Samples by Post No Survey No Catch This is a great make-up website that big cosmetic companies use to distribute their beauty and health products. Target promotes new products and this is a great way to get freebies in the UK and US which is why I have included them in my top 5 best free makeup samples by mail list. You can go to Samples.target.com and request a product, check out all the products on offer and then choose the ones that you want.

Sephora Free Makeup Samples by Mail

Sephora.com is a make product distribution websites that reviews and also sells cosmetics in the UK and US. To get freebie cosmetics you need to sign up and become a beauty insider, and then you get points for every product that you have used. These points can be redeemed for other great cosmetic products. Also when you purchase something from Sephora you are eligible to choose from 3 samples per purchase. This is a great loyalty program and you can amass lots of cosmetics which is why it has been added to the top 5 best free makeup samples by mail list.

Procter & Gamble (P&G) Free Makeup Samples

The P & G Company distributes products from Cover Girl cosmetics. Cover Girl carries a wide range of cosmetic products ranging from lipstick to foundation. Currently, P & G are distributing free cosmetic giveaways of Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipstick, this is why I have included them in my top 5 best free makeup samples by mail list.

BA Star Free Beauty Samples

If you go to BAstar.com you will find all the latest beauty products that celebrities use. It has all the high end trendy cosmetics brand names. If you go to the website you and fill in your personal preferences and click on their facebook.com like button you will start receiving cosmetics at no cost to yourself. This is definitely worth considering which is why I have included it in my top 5 best free makeup samples by mail list.

Pristine Skin Care Samples Online

If your skin is acne prone and you want cosmetics that are designed for your skin type then Pristine is something you should consider. Although there are many simple ways to get rid of acne, you can also try out their many products include Jojoba oil, raw honey and green tea extract to enhance the skin’s appearance. This is definitely a place to be if you want to improve your acne prone skin, definitely one that should have been included in the top 5 best free makeup samples by mail list”.

Nailene Cosmetics & Beauty Samples

If you want great looking nails then Nailene will supply you with products to get your fingernails and toenails looking beautiful. This company carries polish, beauty tools, gels, nail art, glues and acrylic systems. You can become a product tester for Nailene beauty products. The company will send you free nail polish and beauty product samples in the mail in exchange for you writing a short review of their product.

Skinmate Cosmetics and Beauty Samples for Free

Skintimate (signup) is a company that leads the way in shaving cream and other beauty products. Sign up on their website to receive free products in the mail. It is completely free and quick. All that they ask is for your name, address, birthday and whether you want free “cool stuff.”

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