Best free website builders with hosting

There are so many ways to get your own website these days and the best thing is that some of them are free. A handful of companies offer great free website builders with hosting without charging you a dime as part of their business model. Needless to say, they make money in many different ways and this is how they can afford to sustain a group of non-paying users. They have developed easy-to-use technology that makes creating a free website a breeze, with no technical skills required.

So what are the best free website builders with hosting out there?

People looking for web design on the cheap are spoilt for choice. You can easily find tens of free website makers up for grabs, but a few stand out thanks to intuitive interfaces and the creation process that is as simple as ABC. What you need is about 10 minutes to sign up, set up your site and publish it. Which is when it goes live and you’re a proud owner of online real estate.

In my opinion, the best free website builders with hosting are Weebly, Wix, Yola, Jimdo and Webnode. I also feel Ucoz deserves to be rewarded, even if it provides a different kind of experience for useres. Let’s take a quick look at each of these completely free website markers.

Weebly allows you to create two free websites on its hosting for free. Anything more than that are you’ll have to upgrade to premium. The site maker offers easy customization with a large variety of templates and one-click header, font or photo editing. What’s great about Weebly is that you can earn with Adsense on your free sites. However, you have to split your advertising dollars with the company fifty-fifty.

Wix has a slightly different identity than Weebly and it probably belongs to the category of the best free website builders for developers. But a beginning user might find it more demanding to produce simple and effective web design without problems with this creator. In its hosted version, it also offers a less attractive URL structure.

Yola positions itself as a provider of web design services for businesses. Its templates are designed to showcase companies from different industries in a crisp and user-friendly way. Compared to Wix, Yola free websites look a little no-frills, but they have good proportions and structure. With this free website builder, you can have one site with hosting for free.

Jimdo is also one of the best website builders with hosting out there. It provides clean and functional templates that seem perfect for personal and small business sites. Adding text and multimedia is a question of dragging and dropping around specific segments.

Webnode surely qualifies to the top 5 best free website makers with hosting. With a range of aptly designed templates that include stock photos and original typography, it is a good option for anyone looking for a fancier site to start with.

So, to sum up, the best website builders with hosting are:

Weebly, Wix, Yola, Jimdo and Webnode. You can also try Ucoz as an alternative.