Best Gamer Gadgets of 2012

Are you wondering what are the best gamer gadgets that have been released in the past year or so? There are always new and cool video game gadgets that come out every year so it can be hard to keep up. Some of the best gadgets for games are for PC games but there are also unique and interesting gadgets for other game systems.

Here are some of my favorite gadgets released in the past 2-3 years or so:

#1 PC – The MadHatz R.A.T. Professional Gaming Mouse – This is an awesome mouse for a PC that is perfect for playing video games with because it’s designed for pinpoint accuracy and control. Comes with a fully adjustable palm and thumb rest to customize your comfort as well as a removable pinkie grip and a custom weight system.

This mouse also just looks really, really cool. Check out the MadHatz professional gaming mouse for yourself!

Gamer Gadget Mouse

#2 The Most Comfortable Video Gaming Chair You May Ever Use –My next favorite gadget for video games is this awesome “X Rocker Pro H3” gaming chair. I like it for several reasons.

First, this chair is stacked with four vibration speakers for surround sound and is also fitted with a subwoofer, creating an amazing sound during gameplay. Another reason is the comfort – you will probably end up using this chair even when you’re not playing games!

Gamer Gadget Chair

This is why this chair has made my list of the best gamer gadgets!

#3 Best 3D Glasses for Playing Video Games – Here’s my third favorite gaming gadget that I love. Use them with a 3D television or with a PC and you will have a video game experience like never before! Also great to use for 3D movies.

3D Gaming Glasses

What do you think of these three amazing gamer gadgets?