Best Gaming Laptops 2013 Reviews

The Best Gaming Laptops in 2013

Avid gamers can be quite hard on a computer, often using it actively for ten or more hours at a time.  In order to run games smoothly and stand up well to this heavy usage it is important that a laptop, falling into the category of best gaming laptop in 2013 and built for this kind of activity is purchased.  Gaming laptops should have several specific features to help games run more smoothly and to keep computers from breaking down due to heavy usage.  The graphics card or graphics chip set is an important element in the gaming laptop.  It should be able to handle high definition graphics, 3D graphics and other functions.  Gaming laptops should have dedicated video RAM as well as many GB as possible of basic RAM capabilities.  The more RAM the better so that games run smoothly.  The hard drive and processor need to be fast and reliable. The higher the GHz rating of the processor the better the laptop will be for gaming.  The same holds true for the hard drive where a higher rpm rating is important. A large screen with excellent high resolutions is also essential for the gamer. Computers which have been well rated for gaming and fit the specifications above include all of the following:

Alienware M17 x R4

Game enthusiasts will love owning this laptop and it is one of the must have models for the serious gamer.  With its 750 GB 7200 rpm hard drive and its 2.4 GHz processor this laptop is one powerful gamer’s dream come true.  Enclosed in a sleek black case with what is known as a stealth finish the computer looks as great as it works.  The 17 inch screen is unbelievably clear and graphics never lag or hang up due to the impressive 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M graphics processor that is standard.  There are 8GB of RAM making this one monster of a gaming machine.  Alien is geared toward the prolific gamer and offers several features designed to help gamers configure their laptops so that power management, gaming features, and lighting customization can all be set by the laptop user to make this a truly personalized machine.  Top that off with a laser-etch metal plate that has the owner’s name on it attached to the case of the machine and this Alienware laptop becomes a true personal gaming system.

Samsung Series 7 Gamer

This is a powerful laptop for the money and offers many standard features that gamers will find quite desirable.  There is a 17 inch screen with amazing resolution that must be seen to be believed.  Graphics look awesome on this display and the graphics coprocessor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M, and card, work extremely well together giving one the feeling of being in the game or caught up in the moment.  There is a large 153 GB hard drive with 16 GB of RAM included as standard.  The fast 2.4 GHz processor is important to all gamers as it really keeps games from having lag.  Gamers who want a light weight laptop that has all of the necessary features needed for fast, reliable game play and who like a sleek case, a functional design, and who are happy to see some added RAM and other great features will want to scoop this laptop up as it is reasonably priced as well as built to give hours and hours of satisfying game play.

The Alienware M18x

There are some gamers who would consider this the ultimate in the gaming laptop world.  With its big 18.4 inch screen and its with incredible graphics display at its max resolution this machine has to be seen to be believed.  It features a 2.8 GHz processor for one of the fastest that come standard in a gaming laptop today.  There are 16 GB of RAM and a 2TB 5400 rpm hard drive that are unheard of as standard anywhere else.  The graphics are well handled by the 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 7970M and will impress even the most fastidious critics. With its aluminum case and custom color selections, this will be one personal gaming unit for sure.  Features offered by  Alienware to add to a gamer’s ability to make this system their own include their Command Center Software which allows users to customize the way lighting is used, the way games, music, and other programs and resources are linked to individual game profiles, the ability to fully customize the touchpad, and the ability to maximize performance and power usage to the gamers advantage creating a truly personal gaming system.  This is by far an advanced system worthy of the most dedicated and extreme gamer out there and it is capable of providing excellent game play during long hours of heavy usage. 

While dedicated gamers often prefer a desk top or console unit, the portability of these laptops and their incredibly specific and dedicated gaming configurations make them a great investment for the gamer on the go. The power and capabilities of these newer models cannot be surpassed and it is not surprising to find out that even gamers with the most amazing and incredible in home set ups want to have a laptop for times when they cannot be at home or cannot be in front of their desk top or console unit.  These gaming laptops can be taken anywhere, offer decent batter life, amazing graphics and game play interface and hours and hours of intense fun. For really long term use consider a cooling platform or pad to help keep the unit from getting too hot and to help the built in cooling systems do their job more effectively.  This simple step can save a computer from damage due to overheating and can make it last even longer and will be of great benefit to its performance over time.  There is no reason to shy away from a laptop for gaming purposes any longer, especially when considering these three which are among the very best the computer world has to offer the avid gamer.