Best Garden Kneeler for Seniors

Seniors looking for a safe and comfortable garden kneeler should consider a few things before making a final selection. Every gardener will benefit from a knee cushion to use when planting seeds, weeding, or harvesting, but for seniors it is helpful to have a few extras. This is especially true as one ages and the act of getting up and down becomes a bit more work that it once was.

The cheapest and easiest device for the gardener is a simple foam pad that can be placed on the ground and used as a mat to kneel on. This is very comfortable, super portable, and easy to store. If you are capable of getting to ground level and back up with no support, you really need to look no further than this.

For those that need some support, there is a better option. It is easy to find garden bench kneelers that are sturdy and have the same cushion as the cheap foam pads, but with the benefit of side handles. These devices make the act of kneeling down and getting back up much easier. They take up more room, but are sturdy and comfortable.

What’s really neat about these items is that they can be used in two ways. Set up in a traditional way with the bench on top, they make a lovely sitting bench – perfect for picking tomatoes or beans for a period of time. Flipped around, with the bench low to the ground, they make excellent kneelers for planting vegetable or flower seeds.

Garden benches or kneelers make great gifts for seniors or those with difficulty getting up from the ground but who still enjoy gardening. They are not very expensive but will last for years. Select a brand with a rugged steel frame that will last, and expect to assemble the bench once it arrives. Don’t worry, it will only take a short time to assemble once received.

Popular brands to consider include Yard Butler or Master Craft. The best garden kneeler, however, is probably not the cheapest one you can find, but something a few dollars up the pricing scale. Look for a sturdy frame and a pad that is built to last. For seniors, the kind with side handles is the way to go.

Just because a person is not as flexible or strong as they once were is no reason to skimp on gardening. With a bit of help from a kneeler, everyone can keep on growing delicious vegetables and beautiful flowers will into their senior years.