Best German Shepherd Training


You may think that in order to get the best German Shepherd training that you have to go to an expensive breeder or take them to certain schools to make them obedient. There are many myths about these large breeds and while the Pit Bulls have a bad name these days, years ago it was the same for the GSD.

Like any other dog, taking time to teach them basic skills and showing them consistency is the biggest trick of the trade. You can’t expect the dog to know commands if you only train them one day a week. It has to be every single day until they “get it” but don’t think you have to go it alone or you don’t have to train them because you can’t afford the expensive costs of obedient training.

There are other ways to train your German Shepherd that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. As a GSD owner, I know for a fact that they are a brilliant species and not that hard to train. Like any animal, you must be consistent and they will learn. This breed picks up very easy and at the same time can be very stubborn but once they become attached, they are your protector and friend forever. Their loyalty is one of their best traits.

Start with a book on puppy Training.

German Shepherds For Dummies

I get a kick out of the For Dummies series, but was taking a look at this book and realized you can learn a lot from this long time owner, breeder and trainer author of GSDs. It truly is a reference manual and not expensive to buy. It is the basics and can work on any dog, not just the german shepherds.

How To Train German Shepherds : 2nd Edition (Revised) : Breed Specific Training Techniques For Effective Discipline, Socializing, Obedience Training, Leash ... And Potty Training (Sam's Pet Books)

If you think the last book is too broad based, then you may want something a bit more specific, like this How To Train German Shepherds by Sam Hannigan It is breed specific and has a kindle version.

No matter what information you use, basic skills can be taught from a book, kindle or video. There are so many ways to get the best German Shepherd training that I’ve only named a few.