Best Glass Front Porch ideas for your Home Renovation

Updating and renovating a front porch not only improves the look of your home improving the curb appeal of the house but increases the homes resale value. Not only does renovating your front porch increase the resale value but it also makes guests appreciate your beautiful home as soon as they walk up to the house and the improved front porch will surely impress and increase the curiosity and desire a potential home buyer will have to keep looking at your home if and when you decide to sell your home one day.

The beauty of a glassed in front porch

Unless you are a vampire you can’t argue that a brightly lit space protected from the weather is a comforting and enjoyable space to spend time in. During the days a brightly lit front porch is a perfect place to read the morning paper or your favourite novel sipping on coffee or tea and having a snack. Depending on your location maybe you are lucky enough to be able to sit in your beautiful glass porch and people watch all from the comfort of home. At night time a front porch that is glassed in is the perfect place to sit under the moonlight protected from the elements sipping on wine, maybe with candles lit and listening to soft background music.

Glass Front Porch Ideas for your Home

Before you come up with some really great ideas for front porch or create glass front porch designs you have to decide if you are replacing your front porch completely or if you are using the structure you currently have. If you are working with a contractor to replace and or build a brand new porch you are good to go and you can choose any style of glass windows you want at the time of the porch design. If however you are using the existing porch on your home with some minor renovations you will want to ensure your structure is solid and sound and whether it is the joists or the roof on the porch that whichever type of glass you decide to install that your structure is solid enough to build what you want. It might be worth having a professional check your porch to ensure you can use the structure you have to install the glass you want especially if you plan on putting glass in walls where there are currently no glass windows. So long story short is that before you make a decision and come up with some design ideas for your front porch you must make sure your porch is structurally sound and capable of supporting whatever it is you decide to do.

Where to find Glassed in Front Porch ideas and what kind of glass to use

There are unlimited places to look to get ideas for your new front porch design. You can come up with all kinds of glass front porch ideas just by driving around your city and looking at homes or how about looking in home design magazines and of course the easiest is to search online for pictures and designs of front porch ideas. If you have a vision you have saved yourself some time and you can get right to work designing how your new glass front porch will look including all of the components you will require like lighting, power outlets, maybe cable or internet lines and of course a beautifully designed porch is not complete unless it has some very comfortable furniture to relax on.

Choosing the type and style of glass for your home project is just as important as making sure the porch itself is structurally sound. There are many options with glass products you could go with an expensive painted glass or a somewhat affordable faux painted glass. Other options include clear glass, reflective glass, tinted glass, single pane, double pane or triple pane. This is a big and important decision you have to make so take your time with your glass front porch ideas and design to ensure you have a beautifully built room that you and your family and guests can enjoy for years to come.