Best Golf Gloves for the Money

While golf can be fun and relaxing for some people, others take the sport more seriously. Whether you’re constantly striving for a better score, a professional on the circuit, or the weekend warrior out to relax on the greens, you all want the best equipment you can get. And part of that are the gloves.

Whether you want them for the appearance or to get and keep a good grip, you want the best. Here are some pointers on some of the types of golf gloves you can buy and what their attributes are. Whether you’re new to the game or just want some pointers as to what your options are, these tips are sure to come in handy.

Leather is the preferred material for golf gloves among golfers both casual and professional. If you get the right fit then after 4 or 5 holes you can barely notice that you’re wearing them at all. That’s how well leather conforms to your skin and it just feels really good. But it’s flexible too so that it never fits tight leaving your fingers free to move as they normally would.

Leather also has the ability to keep it’s shape and size if it’s exposed to the rain. It will initially lose it’s shape but if you make sure that it gets dried promptly and effectively, you can pull it back into shape.

Some people think that the moisture is the reason that leather stretches, but that just happens naturally over time. Once you try on a pair of leather golf gloves you may never want another pair.

If you’re the type of player that needs to feel a lot of flexibility in your fingers while you’re playing, you might want to look into synthetic golf gloves. Synthetic materials are typically used around the knuckle area of the glove because the material is so flexible, it allows more “room” for your knuckles to bend.

The microfibers that manufacturers use to make the material make it to where your hands stay cooler in the summer and that’s a big plus for golfers. If you live in a very humid, rainy part of the country then you should be looking into all weather golf gloves.

They are what their name implies, in that come rain, snow or sun, they will keep your hands safe from the elements and keep a good grip on your club as well. This too is made of synthetic material that actually gives you a better grip when it gets wet. This is a two-material glove that has an outer layer of thicker, warmer material that also helps keep your hands warm in the cold weather.

As far as getting an all-around type glove is concerned, you couldn’t do better than this. And for you die hard year round golfers who don’t have the luxury of going south for the winter, there are thermal golf gloves. These are made of a thick, knitted material designed to keep your hands warm. These are the most common materials used for gloves that golfers use, so regardless of when you play or how often, you’re sure to find a glove that will suit your needs.