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Best Gourmet Chocolates

I started out thinking I would write an article on the best gourmet chocolates online but then I got sidetracked during my research by a website that took me by surprise. For chocolate lovers, if you live in the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania, you are very lucky to have the Cafe Chocolate of Lititz in your area.Wait until you hear about this place!

This little cafe sits in the heart of the local Lititz shopping district. A small town with lots of charm, you may have heard of lititz because it is famous for one of the world’s leading girl’s only boarding schools, Linden Hall. It would make perfect sense to have a chocolate cafe close by!

The menu at the Cafe Chocolate of Lititz has the best gourmet chocolate you can find, with many chocolate sweets from around the world. For breakfast you may want to try a Dark Chocolate Crepe, one of their own inventions that consists of dark chocolate in an organic crepe batter that is filled with light marscapone cheese, strawberries and dark truffle ganache. Using only organic and fair traded products when possible, this little cafe has the attention of many locals and visitors alike!

What about a bowl of Chili Con Chocolate! No kidding! Oaxacan mole style chili, with 12 spices and pure dark chocolate, topped with vegan sausage and served over rice. How does that sound for gourmet? If you don’t think you can handle chocolate in your chili, this little cafe has a drink called Chocolate Strawberry Lush, which tastes like you are drinking chocolate covered strawberries. If you ever get a chance to stop in the little quaint town of Lititz,PA, check this little shop out, if only for their chocolate fountain on display.

But if you aren’t anywhere near this little cafe, then perhaps you want to do a search for the best gourmet chocolate online. It’s so simple to find at places like Amazon.com if you know what to look for. Here’s a great suggestion before you buy. Gourmet chocolate can be tricky, especially if your not sure of the brands and companies. Kirkland Signature Premium chcolates of the world is an excellent starting point to try many different kinds and flavors. In this jar of these fine sweets you will find two pounds of premium quality milk and dark treats from Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium and Italy. It really gives you an idea of the different brands and if you are looking for the best gourmet chocolates but don’t know what to buy, this is a sure bet that you will find something wonderful. Or not, you may decide you really don’t like gourmet at all and prefer a Hershey’s chocolate bar, and that’s fine too, but then you’ll know without spending a fortune.

Something else you may want to think about is a gift basket filled with gourmet chocolates. As a gift to yourself or someone else, certain ones like the Chocolate Delights basket have an array of different gourmet sweets like Godiva milk chocolate bars and Ghirardelli too. White chocolate is as popular as ever and Lindt makes some great gourmet treats which are included in these variety baskets. How about some Harry & David Dark Chocolate Moose munch bars or Almond Roca Buttercrunch? Maybe some European raspberry chocolate truffles will delight you or the simply delicious milk chocolate peanut butter delights that are found in these baskets. There’s more, too many names to mention but names like Tapestry, Primo Dolce, Angelin’s Sweet Butter Cookies and Beth’s Chocolate Chip Cookies can be found in these gourmet chocolate baskets.

Have I made you hungry for some gourmet chocolate? If that’s a yes, then I’ve done my job! Even more so, chocolate makes the world go round and if you want to find the best chocolates online, this article touches just about every avenue and the best chocolate in the world can be found online if you know where to look for it.

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