News Best hair color and highlighting ideas to suit you

Best hair color and highlighting ideas to suit you


Here you will be able to find some best hair color and highlighting ideas which you can follow in order to get a really nice look. The first thing that you should do is to understand what your existing hair color is. You can get the assistance from friends, family members or even colleagues at your workplace in order to do this. Men have been found to know their hair color more precisely compared to women because they are a bit more objective. The advice of your hair stylist will also come in handy when deciding upon this.

Once you have confirmed exactly the existing hair color, next will be the process of selecting the appropriate color that may suit it. People have been found asking frequent questions such as what highlights might suit hair that is blond or brown, or if people having long hair can also get their hair highlighted. The best answer to these questions is that you should select a shade of hair color, which will be most similar to its existing color. Most hair stylists advise their clients to go for a tint that is about two or three shades darker compared to your natural hair color. But at first, it will be much better to tryout just one shade darker. If it will not be sufficient, then you may move ahead one step more. The other advice provided is to go for colors that are more to the shade of red.

It will not be a wise thing when experimenting on best hair color and highlighting ideas, to lighten your hair color more than two or three time its original tint. It has often been seen that the coloring of a person’s hair can totally change his or her appearance for the better or for the worse. You will find the following tips useful when selecting the color which your hair should be compared to the skin color of your body.

Pink skinned people should keep away from colors that are more towards red because it will most often be a mismatch. People having yellow skin should avoid using orange or yellow toned colors. They might look like someone just returning from the Caribbean. The same will apply for those who are likely to be a bit olive toned; because they should go for low lighted colors and keep away from any color that may resemble the hue of their skin. You can also do your own hair highlighting, but it is better to use washable colors before going for a permanent shade. Experimenting this way on several shades will help you a lot when it comes to deciding the best color or combination that may suit you the best. You can find some of the best hair color and highlighting ideas from hair magazines also. That is because they usually bring the newest ideas on hair coloring and latest fashion trends. They may help you select a tone which you probably did not even know existed. They may even have pictures displayed of models wearing shades that you were a bit shy to try out yourself until now.

Best hair color and highlighting ideas to suit you
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